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Hadley's POV

"Louis?" I said my voice barely above a whisper. He turned and looked at me, like he didn't believe it was me. I gave him a half smile to show I was okay. I was not okay. I was in pain. lots and lots of pain.

"Hadley!" he yelled. well not yelled, but you get the point. he ran towards me and hugged me. oh god I missed his hugs. they were just so warm and welcoming.

"Lou when can I go home?" I asked.

"The doctors need to do a few more tests, then we can leave." he responded with the usual amount of happiness in his voice.

"How long will that take?" I asked. He the ought for a minute before responding.

"Um maybe 2 hours?"

"Is my phone here?" I asked. Of course I wanted to know that.

"No ill text harry to being it. Want anything else while I'm at it?" He asked.

"Um can Harry bring me some clothes to change into?"

"Yeah I'll tell him. Be right back" and with that he left. During this time I had been wheeled into a testing room. There were needles, and when I said needles I mean BIG needles. I was terrified to say the least. Soon harry was back with my bag and my phone.

"Thanks Haz" I said.

"You're welcome Hads" he responded. We have matching nick names :D!!!

3 hours later

We finally were allowed to leave. I got changed into a pair of grey sweat pants that cut off at the knee. Tan uggs, and a long sleeve cream colored shirt with a blue ship anchor on it. I walked slowly out the hospital doors I knew all too well. I always say I will change, but you never know how hard it is to change until you get into a rut as deep as mine.

We got into the car and guess who was there. Amelia. My favorite person in the world. I have to make this work for her. I need to like her, or at least tolerate her, for her sake. She can't grow up knowing her aunt hates her because of someone she hasn't met. It can't happen. There's so many things to change can I do them all?

I get home and there is Perrie, Zayn, Niall, Niki, and Dani waiting for me. I feel like I have let them down so much. I wish I could be different. It is just so hard.

"Hadley we know this has been hard for you but we want you to know we will always be here for you" Auntie Perrie says to me. I can tell she means it by the glimmer of hope in her eyes, but can I even trust any of them enough for that to happen?

"Just remember that Hadley. Please. for us" Dani says. It looks like she is going to cry. I just want to tell everyone it will be okay, but it's not. And it will never be.

"Okay guys. I'll try" I said. And that's all I said. There's no more pestering, and bugging me to be open. They now understand, or understand as much as they can.

"I'm going to go up to my room and do homework" I said wobbling up the stairs. I got up to my room and grabbed my phone which was in the bag Harry put on my bed a few minutes ago.

I texted in the group chat of Casey, Noah, Morgan, Sophie, Justin and Amir.

Me: hey guys

Casey❤️😘: hey babe how r u feelin?

Amir💅: hey Hadley how ya?

Noah: hey

Morgie🙅: hey bæ how ya been?

Me: ummm all is I guess fine. it's been weird everyone is like oh you can talk to me and we will be here for you and I'm like k

Casey❤️😘: well u know we r here for u rite?

Noah: yeah we r

Morgie🙅: yeah anytime u wanna talk ya know my number.

Me: thanks guys. Wait umm where's Sophie and Justin?😉😏

Morgie🙅: hmmmmm idk😏

Casey❤️😘: you people r strange


Morgie🙅: no Amir not now

Amir💅: it's awesome tho

Me: u people r annoying. I'm tired I'm gonna go to bed.

Morgie🙅: love u Hadley😘

Noah: night Hads

Amir: night had

Casey❤️😘: night babe talk to u in the morning😘

And with that I put my phone down and went into a dreamless sleep. the first time I went to bed and wanted to wake up in the morning. I slept with a smile on my face, and it's not going to leave.


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