Well Hello!

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Mornin! Good morning start happens first all times and some people forget but yeah oh wellhave nothing to write in this little cutesey little chapter :)

Most people just don't give two shits bout other people but I do. I care about my family & my friends :) rn your not giving two things about it at all.

BABY I just want to go on HONEYMOON AVENUE with you while we write sings on the PIANO while you make me feel WANTED while I'm DAYDREAMIN' about you all the time. You get my heart pounding when you put your lips on mine. THE WAY we swing our hands back and forth when the sun is setting. Let's STAY here together through thick and thin

Made that paragraph myself while I was thinking of someone but highly doubt its not that good. SEE YA LATERZ

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Byee ..

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