Chapter Forty

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"Trish, you need to wake up!" someone shouted, shaking my body awake. I crawled over to the other side of the bed and wrapped my arms around the fluffy pillow tightly, clinging to it as if my life depended on it. "Er.... yeah I'm up already" I muttered beneath my breath. I decided to drift back to sleep but a pillow suddenly hit my body hard. I opened my eyes, gazing at Alexia blankly as I uttered a sigh in defeat. I know she's not going to give up so I groaned and pushed myself up to sitting. Removing the sheets off my body, I rubbed my face looking a bit dazed. "You need to go out of your fucking room" she said grinning widely as she stumped her feet on the floor looking like a child who just received her christmas present. I raised my eyesbrows glaring at her. I have no clue what is wrong with her so I asked, "What's up?" sounding somnolent. She groaned and rolled her eyes dragging me with her. "Ugh this better be good" I muttered closing my eyes so I could complete my sleep even just for a few seconds. I can hear Alexia's giggle making me annoyed.

First, she woke me up. No one in the world can wake me up especially when I'm exhausted.

Second, I'm famished and I haven't gulped any coffee in my stomach to wake my mind so I could think clearly.

When I opened my eyes again, I felt like my world stopped seeing what Alexia's excited about. I gazed at our mini living room completely stunned. "Is today my birthday?" I mumbled but I still didn't budge. She jumped and clapped her hands looking at my visage. "No but it sure is your lucky day!" she babbled. I gave her a warm smile and said, "How thoughtful of you to do this" opening my arms to give her a hug. She immediately shook her head and said, "Uh no girl I'm not the one courting you" making me realize that Aiden is the one responsible for the huge white teddy bear sitting on the couch and the tray of breakfast settled on the coffee table. Astonished, I walked closer and sat on the couch beside the huge teddy bear which is approximately six inches smaller than me. I looked at the tray smelling the fragrant smell of the food.

"Aiden did this?" I asked glancing back at Alexia who is now holding a smaller version of the teddy bear Aiden gave me. She nodded and said, "He came here five in the morning just to cook for you. Well if you were just awake awhile ago you would see how our kitchen turned into a disaster but good thing he cleaned it up after. Plus he burned a lot of food"

I snickered covering my mouth with my hand. "Where is he?" I asked glancing around our small room as she sat across me. "He went straight to his seven am class" she replied devouring the food in front of her.

"Oh by the way, the big teddy's name is Coco and Aiden also gave me a teddy but it's small unlike yours" she showed me the small teddy bear and said, "His name is Crunch. I told Aiden that he needs to court me too"

Coco Crunch?

I smirked and asked "So you're the one he is courting now?" sounding a little jealous. She shook her head giving me a look, "Hell no it's just that he needs to pass through me first because I'm your unbiological sister"

"Aww come here" I said giving her another hug and then I added, "That's why I love you!" sounding buoyant.

"Just to be honest, I also wanted stuff that's why Aiden should court me too" she retorted then I said, "You're insane"

"I can't believe he cooked"

She bursted out laughing, "Thanks to his cook book"

After doing my morning ritual, I grabbed Coco and went back to my room to get dressed. I don't really undesrtand why Alexia named the teddy bears Coco and Crunch. It's really funny but I guess I'll just go with their given names for the sake of Alexia's happiness.

My first class will start after lunch so I still have two hours to spare. Thinking of what to do, I decided to go to the campus early and find Aiden so I could thank him personally for what he did a while ago.

I couldn't help myself but to fall in love with him more. He's so perfect and all I could ask for a guy is already in him.

I was on my way to our usual table outside building A when I suddenly saw Aiden leaning on the wall in front of the lockers. I smiled, making my way towards him but before I can approach, I noticed that he's beside Misha. They're talking about something and they seemed happy because they're laughing. My eyes widened, watching them. I don't understand why on earth is he talking to Misha?

"Hi guys" I greeted making Aiden startle as if he was about to jump and run away from me. I secretly rolled my eyes then he said, "Hey" giving me a warm smile. I tried to metally scold myself for acting so jealous but it was no use. I flashed him a small smirk and said, "I just want to thank you for what you did a while ago" sounding a little awkward.

"Anything for you" he retorted.

We were both staring at each other when Misha suddenly coughed breaking my gaze at Aiden.

"Hi Misha" I greeted looking a little sedate.

"Hello" she replied and gave me a quick hug.

"Look, we have to go now. I'll see you later" Aiden interjected making my eyebrows raise.

Misha? Aiden? I don't remember them having the same class together.

"Okay bye" I replied watching them disapear in my view.

I don't have a choice so I sighed and continued walking towards our table. I was hoping to catch Liam. I didn't get disappointed. Liam sat alone in our usual meet up place. When he saw me strolling over, he made faces teasing me like a child.

"You're such a jerk" I said sitting beside him.

"But you love me" he mocked feeling proud that I can bare his childish attitude. I rolled my eyes, lightly punching him and said, "Whatever"

"Don't worry, I love you too" he retorted making me laugh like he's the funniest person in this world.

He closed his laptop and surged up saying, "Let's go get some ice cream"
then he smiled because he knew something is bugging me.

God, thank you for giving me Liam.

I smiled grabbing his arm.



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