Not a teenager anymore - Harry Styles

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"I can't believe it." You groaned, flopping down onto the bed.

"Can't believe what, babe?" Harry said, pulling you closer to him in the bed.

"You're twenty now! I've known you since you were 16 and we've been together ever since! When'd you get so old, Harry?! What happened?"

"You've gotten older too! Don't try to blame all of this on me, now." He said playfully, twirling his fingers in your hair.

"Yeah," You agreed, pulling his head down to kiss him. "But I'm still 19 while you're now an old man."

"An old man!" He exclaimed, leaning down so that he could whisper in your ear. "I don't think an old man could fuck you the way that I can, love." His words sent a rush of heat between your thighs, causing you to squeeze your thighs together for some type of relief. "I loved the clothes and other gift you've gotten me today but I'd much rather have another gift from you, sweetie."

"And what would that be, Harry?" You knew exactly what he wanted but you wanted to tease him even though it was his birthday.

"You know what I want, y/n. I've been waiting all day to rip these fucking clothes off of you," He moved his body so that he was hovering over you and slowly moved his hands to your jeans, snapping the button open. "and now that we're finally alone, I'm going to do just that." You lifted your butt up slightly to allow Harry to pull your jeans off and throw then across the room. He groaned when he saw your choice in underwear. It was his favorite-bright pink lace with small bows on the side. "Fuck, does your bra match it, baby. You know how much I love it when you wear them both."

"I don't know, Haz. You're gonna have to check, I guess." You smirked as you saw Harry's eyes darken, his hands gripping onto your shirt, practically ripping it over your head. He grinned when he noticed that you were wearing the matching bra.

"As much as I love these on you," He said, literally ripping your panties down the side. "I need to see your beautiful fucking body." He lowered his head and nipped at your jaw while he arms reached behind you and un-clasped your bra.

"Beautiful," He mumbled as he pulled the bra off of you. "So fucking beautiful and all mine." Harry's mouth attached to your left nipple as he started sucking and biting on it as he was massaging your other breast in his hand.

"Please, Harry. Stop teasing me now." You mumbled, attempting to push his head down to where you needed him the most.

He chuckled, stopping himself from his assault on your nipple to look directly in your eyes. "It's my birthday, baby, shouldn't you be the one pleasuring me? Not the other way around?"

"Then get off of me so I can." You said, pushing on his shoulders so that he rolled off of you.

You instantly climbed on top of him and straddled his hips. You could feel just how tight his jeans had become beneath your butt. You attach your lips to his and he instantly pushed his tongue into your mouth causing him to bite down on your bottom lip. Your hands moved down his chest and un-buttoned his tight jeans. "Hurry up, baby. I can't wait much longer."

"Take your shirt off for me then, Haz." He obeyed as you quickly took his leather belt off and threw it across the room then pulled his pants, along with his boxers, down. His cock instantly hit against his stomach as he grinned, proud of his length. You took him in your hand, spreading the pre-cum around his tip but doing nothing more than that.

"Don't tease me, y/n. It's my birthday..." He said as he took a fistful of your hair in his hand to bring your head closer to it. You obliged and licked up the vein before you moved up and swirled your tongue around his tip but, just as you did so, he pushed your head down further, forcing his entire length into your mouth. He cursed as he felt you gag around him, thrusting further into your mouth. His hips continued to buck up from the bed and deeper into your mouth and you could tell that he was getting closer because his moans just got louder and louder. "Gonna come in your mouth, baby. You gonna swallow like a good girl?"

You moaned around his dick in a way to tell him that you would. The vibration of your moaning must have been enough to put him over the edge, spilling himself into your mouth which you quickly swallowed and waited for him to come down from his high. When he had finally finished, you pulled away and wiped away some of his cum that had escaped your mouth, licking it off your fingers before you placed one small kiss on the tip of his cock, causing him to groan from the sight. You smiled as Harry moved you so that you were straddling his once again but this time, you were both naked. His lips crashed against yours once again and he could taste some of himself left over in your mouth.

"Y/n, I want you to ride me, baby girl. I want to feel you wrapped around my fucking cock." Harry moved his cock so that it was positioned below you as you lowered yourself onto him. "Faster." He groaned out as his hands rested against your hips to help you bounce against him faster like he wanted. "You're so wet. W-Who made you this wet, y/n? Huh?"

"Y-You." Your voice faltered as you tried to reply but with Harry's lips wrapped around your nipple and his fingers played with your clit.

"What about me, y/n? What did I do for you?"

"Fuck, Harry. More please."

Harry growled when you didn't answer his question and quickly flipped you onto your back, completely stilling the movement of his hip against yours. One hand rested near you head to support his weight while the other continued against your clit though he had stopped thrusting into you. "When I ask you a fucking question, you answer me." He growled into your ear, biting on your ear lobe slightly. "Now, who made you this wet?"

"You did, Harry! Only you. Now please, please move. I need it."

He seemed pleased with that answer as he grinned and started to thrust into you once again, twice as hard as he had when you were on top of him.

A string of profanities fell from your mouth as he gave one particularly hard thrust that hit your g-spot perfectly and caused you to come. Harry came minutes after, letting out a few grunts as he did so. He pulled out of you and lied down next to you.

"That was amazing." You sighed, moving to lie on his chest.

"Yeah and I don't think an old man could ever fuck you that well, y/n. Don't you ever forget that."

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