Chapter 4

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                       Liam's POV

Me and the boys were waiting for Katie to come down. "Liam she's scaring my again." I sighed. Niall was terrified of her. I was kinda to. I mean that girl had guts and was tough. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Louis. "Mate I think you should go help him." "Uh ya good idea." They snickered. I shot daggers at them.

I walked in the kitchen. "Where is she" "In the fridge. Save my food Li." In the fridge? DAYMM. I opened the fridge to her with a chocolate bar in her mouth. I chuckled and went to pull her out. "Come on out" She growled at me yes she growled and bit me. She made me bleed.

"GREAT GOOGLE MOOGLE SHE BIT ME. IM BLEEDING." Now I was terrified of her to.

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD." Then Louis came in. "What." "She's eating my food and she bit Li. I showed him where she bit. It hurt like hell. "What is she part werewolf." (A/N oh and just in case you didnt know she's not just a werewolf she's a shifter. She can change into anything. Well that is an animal.)

That moment I heard movement. I turned around and gasped. There was a black panther where Katie was. I knew I smelled something. I'm a vampire. She zipped out the door. "Guys come on" We used vampire speed to catch up with her. I bumped her in a tree but she shifted. Into a rhino. She slowed down so we circled her. Probably not a good idea. She shifted into a bird. We need Harry. He was a shifter to. We still chased her. "Lou. Go get Harry." I panted. He ran towards the house and came back a few seconds later with Harry flopping on his back. "Harry shift to a bird." He did. "Why" "Chase that bird." "Why" "BECAUSE ITS KATIE" "Stop my fellow shifter." He commanded. He sniffed the air. "I know what to do." "What" He rammed in a tree. "Harry!" Both him and Katie fell to the ground. They both shifted back to human. Katrina was panting. "Why can't you leave me" She cried  Harry walked up to her. "Your our mate" "Wha... what. Normally your not suppose to have more then 1" "But you not normal" I stated.

"Well no shit Sherlock" "I didn't mean like that. You've never used your powers."

"Powers. OMG POWERS! What powers do I have?" "Well we dont know." "Ugh well thank for the help. And note the sarcasm."

                         Katie's POV

(Before the chase)

I shifted into a black panther and bolted out the door. God I'm stupid. why did I shift in front of them. 'Katie go back!' 'Are you stupid Sky' 'No. why can't you ever trust me. Or let me take control' 'I don't trust you' 'Why not' She growled.'I... i. I'll let you take control tomorrow' She snarled but quieted down. Niall Louis and Liam chased me. Liam bumped me to a tree so I shifted to a rhino and slowed. They all circled me grinning so I shifted to a bird and took flight. I looked back to see Louis with Harry flopping on his back. Liam spoke to him then he shifted to a bigger bird. "Stop my fellow shifter" 'Mine' Sky Demanded. 'No' I snarled. I flew faster. A sharp pain shot up my side and I fell. I shifted back to human form. They all went around me. "Why can't you leave me alone." I cried. Harry walked up to me. "Because your our mate" He simply stated. Wait OUR? As in more then one. "Normally your not suppose to have more them one mate." I said still shocked. "But your not normal" "Well no shit Sherlock." Liam faceplamed. "I didn't mean it like that. You've never used your powers" "OMG I HAVR POWERS!" I asked excitetly. "What powers." "We don't know" "Ugh well thanks for the help. And note the sarcasm." I said flipping my hair and walking away. "Where are you going" Asked Louis who was in front of me in a flash. It clicked. Vampires. "Home you damn blood sucker" "Well uh" They scratched the back their neak. "What" I asked. "We uh kinda sorta accidentally killed them" My wolf howled in agony. I sunk down and sobbed. "So you have to stay with us."  I nodded. I couldn't handle it. 'Sky' I said in a shaky voice. 'Ya' 'Im ... I'm giving you control' 'Really.' She jumped in happiness. 'Thank you Thank you.' And with that she took control.

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