"What is this about?" Gemma asked, as the officers lead her into an interview room. They practically threw her onto the chair and took the seat opposite her. 

"Your dad wants to press charges against you for theft" 

"WHAT?" This could not be happening; had she heard them right? Why would he do such a thing? 

"Your dad has given us a statement saying you stole $400 from the house before vanishing for a week" the officer explained, raising an eyebrow. Yes, she had taken $400 but part of that had been her savings too and she was going to pay it back! 

"I didn't steal it-"

"Did you get permission to take the money?"

"Well no, but it's partly mine" Gemma shrugged and kept her eyes on the other officer who was scribbling down notes. Maybe it was best if she didn't answer any questions, she didn't want to get in any more trouble than she was already in. She started wondering what had happened to Luke and whether they had arressted him or let him go. The show was ruined all thanks to her and now everyone hated her again, nothing ever seemed to work out. Another guy popped his head around the door to summon one of the officers, leaving Gemma sat in an awkward silence with the man who was taking notes. She was starting to wish she hadn't come back at all...


"Dad? Really?" Gemma hissed as her dad walked into the station. "Why the fuck would you do this to me?"

"To teach you a lesson young lady! You think it's okay to waltz off for five whole days and not tell a soul where you are? Do you know how that felt? I've already lost your mum... I can't lose you either!" 


"No, Gemma. I don't want to hear it. You're coming home with me right now and we're putting an end to all of this ridiculous behaviour" 

 "I'm not coming home..." Gemma sighed, there wasn't a chance in hell she was leaving Luke again. He was the only thing that was keeping her sane. "I'm sorry dad, but you have to let me do this. You have to let me live my life" 

Without warning her dad pulled her in for a hug and began to cry; Gemma stayed completely still because even though she had missed him, she was still so mad about what he had done. 

"I don't want to lose you, Gemma" 

"You're not going to but you need to stop treating me like a child. I'm fine here with the guys, I promise. They look after me dad and if you give them a chance I know you'll really like them!" 

Her dad nodded in acknowledgement and lead her outside the station, "I dropped the charges. I just wanted to scare you" 

"Well, thanks for that. I need to go and find Luke" 

"He got arrested too?" 

"Yes! Sticking up for me!" Gemma made her way back in and was just in time to catch Luke walking out one of the interview rooms; he didn't look too happy but as soon as his eyes met Gemma's a huge smile spread across his face. She ran at him and threw her arms around his neck, glad to see he was okay. Luke kissed her on the forehead and strolled outside with her underneath his arm, "Go on then, what happened?" he asked but when they stepped outside he caught a glimpse of her dad and soon removed his arm from around her. "Oh, hi Mr Cole" 

"Luke" he replied, not quite sure what else to say. Her dad had never been big on conversation; mum always made up for that though. He took them towards his car and drove them back over to the hotel where the boys were staying; nobody said much in the car but every now and again Luke would slide his hand along the seat to touch her hand and smile at her. 

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