32 weeks...



"Favorite sex position?"

"Well, that's a hard one." Issac snorted, all of us laughing. Someone commenting manwhore, all of us laughing more.

"I just love doggie style." Tommy winked, taking a gulp of his soda. I pulled my phone out, hearing Issac made a snide remark that everyone busted up. Clicking on Kita's most recent message.

Can u pick up more Burgerking after work???

I shook my head, turning my phone to the side and texting back. Of course, princess. Just text me what you want. I placed my phone face downon the table when someone said my name, perking when everyone was looking at me. I yawned it "What?"

"You didn't say yours."

I snorted, leaning back in my chair. "Psh, I'm not saying mine... but I just love it when she's on top."

They busted up laugh, hearing the siren go off, calling off breaktime. Tommy stretched his arms over his head and groaned, "One more fucking hour."

"You're telling me, I got to train that new cluts." I got up and cracked my back.

"How is he anyways?" Issac smirked, "I got Mariah, sexy and smart."

"Lucky you." I spoke bluntly, grabbing my trash and throwing over his head and made it in the trash can. I flicked him off before grabbing my helmet. "But seriously, does anyone know how old this guy is?"

"Early twenties, I don't know." Tommy shrugged, patting my shoulder and brushed passed. Issac shook his head and grabbed his helmet and follow beside out.

"Either way, Oscar put you upto it. You can snap anyone straight." He smirked. I slipped out passed the door while those just got off were coming in, Issac scowling at whoever bumped into him; sounding like Lee when they snickered. Issac jogged up beside me while I slipped my helmet back on, "Besides, what does the little guy do to bug you?"

"He drops everything. Butter fingers." I gave him a look. "He dropped the pliers four fucking times, I be scared to let him hold my phone." I huffed, seeing the group of noobs. I yelled out for Bobby, hearing a clatter then the group snickering while the ginger guy stumbled out of it. I glanced at Issac who snorted, he patted my back.

"Good luck." He laughed, walking off.

"Fucker." I spoke loud enough for him, getting the bird back from him. I shook my head, glancing back at Bobby coming over helmet and his belt in his hands. "You're forgetting again." I muttered.

"Oh, right!" he flinched like a whipped dog, slapping his helmet on. Looking awfully big on him, the kid was ton of freckles and short bright orange hair, relitively bright green eyes too. I did have to admit though the snake bites did look actually good for him, maybe he'll actually get a girl with his clumsiness. Struggling, it was good five minutes before getting his belt on successfully then glanced upto me.

I sighed, shaking my head and brushing passed him. "Come on."




Getting back to my spot, I saw Tommy already had a Yukon sent up to me. Pressing the floor button and sending it up, turning back to Bobby and pointing down at it. "Steer clear away from it, got it?"

He nodded.

I nodded passed me, dropping my hand back to my side. "Alright, under."

He perked up, scurrying passed me and under it, attempting to pull his pliers from his belt but dropped him. Making a clatter, my nerves twitched and shook my head. This kid is going to be the death of me.... ran through my head, walking over.

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