Louis: Living with a Bear.

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   It started with the running. (I hate running.) It was cold and wet. Fog was thick as can be and behind me was a five foot tall brown bear. Today I learned that bears run fast, faster then humans. The bears footsteps pounded against the ground as loud as thunder. I remember the roars. The bear was so loud. I remember the noise as clear as day. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. Then, I tripped. (Stupid fallen down tree had to be there.) Before I could get up and make my recovery the bear was standing over me, roaring, making me tremble with fear. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I knew this is how I die. The bear opened his mouth. The jaw of the bear was so big that my head could easily fit in its mouth. I felt the bears breath on my face. The breath smelled of old fish. I closed my eyes and i flinched while I was awaiting my death. I was about to be torn apart by a brown bear. All of a sudden I felt something on my face. I opened my eyes and the bear was licking my face just like a dog would. I swear on my life that the bear had a smile on his face. This is where I met my best friend, a brown bear. I named him Louis. Now you may be thinking how can you be friends with a bear that isn't very safe. Being around a wild bear is dangerous. I soon realized that Louis was harmless. Louis didn't leave my side the rest of the day in the woods.

      Oh by the way its incredibly hard to hide a bear from your parents and neighbors. I have a forest behind my house where Louis feels right at home. The hard part is keep people out of this forest. I have to keep people away from Louis. You see I live in Illinois. There are no bears in Illinois only except in zoos. If someone were to see Louis in the woods they would shoot on sight or contact conservation. I don't want anything to happen to him. Last week a neighbor stopped by our house and complained that there was noises coming from the woods last night. They said it sounded like a monster. I knew they were talking about Louis because I heard his roars that night. How can I hide him from people?

    I go to school during the day like normal kids but normal kids don't get to come home to a young brown bear. You see I did some research and found out that Louis can't be more then three years old. I often wonder where his parents are. After school I grab my fishing pole and set off into the woods. Louis usually smells me coming and bursts towards me. He is always happy to see me. Always. We fish together almost everyday. Although he is a much better fisherman. He usually catches way more fish then me. I no longer feel afraid when I'm around him. At first it was a little scary being around a bear that was taller than me. After fishing and it was growing dark I said goodbye to Louis. He ran off to wherever he goes off to. I headed back home. As I reached the house there were two men standing at the door. Two policemen holding their hats at their sides. They had sad looks on their faces. Something happen. Something bad happened. I know, I feel, and I see that something is about to change in my life. 

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