Celeste's POV

I never had a clue that the Utopian headquarters were held in my basement. No sounds were heard, no people were seen, nothing. That just makes the lies dig deeper and deeper.

The two workers busted open the doors and dragged me inside my home, I looked behind me and saw Oliver being hand cuffed by another worker.

I sure hope this is part of the plan.

Red always frightened me, I never seen him or talked to him face to face but seeing him from a distance is more than enough for me. His cynical and derisive expressions give me chills.

Walking through the kitchen, I saw the faint stain of blood from my mother on the carpet.

I held back tears as I was lead downstairs to the basement. I was scared, more than scared actually, I was aghast.

"Hold the flashlight," grunted the man.

The man walked to the corner of the basement and moved the fridge over to reveal a door. The door had a touchscreen keypad, and he scanned his finger on it.

The door opened slowly and my eyes grew wide in terror.

"Here we go," said the women, and gripped my arm tighter.

I looked over my shoulder, trying to see if Oliver was right behind us, but he wasn't.

Suddenly, my arm was being held tightly by another person. A new, much stronger one. Swallowing the lump in my throat I strained my eyes to the side, trying to see the new person who is grabbing me.


That's what the name tag read.

Don't fight back.

Oliver's words were glued in my memory.

"Hello, you must be Celeste, Red talks about you all the time," spoke Ellar.

I nodded.

"You can talk Miss Hardy, I won't hurt you,"

I continued to stay silent.

"Okay then, well I will be taking you to The Box right now, there are two other people in there but just disregard them. It's to bad that none of them is your father."

My eyes shot up and frowned at Ellar.

"Where is my father? You have him here. I know you do!"

"No we don't Miss Hardy,"

"Yes, you do!" I shouted.

"We really don't," said Ellar, looking confused, "Mark isn't here."

Oliver lied to me. He lied to me and now I am going to get killed by Red.

"He lied to me!" I screamed and tried to pry my arm our of Ellar's strong grip.

"Woah there, calm down!" exclaimed Ellar, pulling me over to the side.

He was awfully close to my face.

"Who lied to you?" asked Ellar.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Oliver walking down the hallway.

I gathered up all my strenghth and anger and kneed Ellar right in the stomach. He loosened his grip and fell back.

I started to run in Oliver's direction.

"Celeste, what are you-"

He was cut off by my hand slapping his face.

"You are a liar Oliver! My dad isn't here! You lied to me and I knew that I shouldn't have listened to you!" I cried out.

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