Chapter 12

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Jens POV

I found it really weird that Liam and Claudia would sleep in different rooms. I don't know what I have to think about this.

On the other hand, I am so happy that Josh and I are going to be room mates! 

" Well, let's check out our rooms!" Jena says and we walk to the elevator.

"What's our room number?" I ask Josh

"It's 304, so I guess we have to be on the 3rd floor" he says

When the elevator has reached the 2nd floor Claudia and Jena go out of the elevator. Then we reach the 3rd floor and Josh and I go of the elevator. Liam and Sam are still in the elevater.

"Goodbye guys, we're going to the 4th floor" Sam says

Josh opens our rooms door and my mouth drops open.

It is a beautiful room with cream colored walls. There's a big white sofa in the corner and next to it there are 3 doors. On the other hand of the sofa there's a big window with a door which leads to the balkony.  Across from the sofa there's a television and a coffee table. 

Josh and I are walking slowly in the room and we see in the corner a small eat section.

"This is amazing" I say 

"You're absolutely right" Josh says while opening 1 of the 3 doors next to the sofa. I walk behind him. It's a small cream colored room with a 1 person's bed in it. There's a window in it where you can almost look over the whole sity. It's a gorgeous room.

I walk pass Josh and open the second door. It shows a big bathroom with black and white tiles. Next to the sink there are all kinds of soap and washing gel.

Then we open the 3rd door. There's a big queen sized bed covered with lots of pillows. There's also a window in this room with white curtains. In the room there's also a passage to the bathroom.

I plop on the big bed an spread my arms and legs.

"I am going to sleep here" I say while Josh plops on the bed too. 

"Woah! Not so fast girl, I want to sleep here too" Josh says while he graps my waist and drags me off the bed.

"You can't stop me" I say and I try to escape from his grip but he is much stronger

"Well, let's keep it fair. The first one who finds Liam gets the bed" He says

" Okay" I say while following him to the room door. Josh locks the door.

"Okay. Ready? Set? GO!" Josh says and we both run to the stairs. 

I know Liam and Sams room is on the 4th floor so I run upwards. Josh doesn't do the same. He runs to the opposite direction, downwards. 

" I am going to win!" I yell at him.

"Haha, I wouldn't be so sure of that" He yells back.

I reach the 4th floor. There are 4 rooms. Shit. How am I going to find Liam and Sams room? I decide to try all of them.

The first door I knock on, but there's no answer. The second door is also no answer.

I bang on the 3rd door. There comes a old woman who starts to yell at me in Spanish. 

"I'm sorry" I say

I try the 4th and the 5th door but there's als no answer.

"LIAM! SAM!" I shout to the doors. "IT'S ME, JEN! PLEASE OPEN!!" but none of the doors open. Damn.

I decide to run to the second floor just as Josh did. I run downwards and I reach the second floor. And there's Josh standing in the door post of room 206 with a huge smirk on his face. Damn I lost.

"Hi Jen. I guess you found us?" Josh smirks

"Oh you shut up. You already knew Liam and Sam would hang out with Claudia and Jena after dropping their luggages" I say

"Actually, they just came to check out the other's rooms, but yeah, I already knew." Josh says still smirking.

"This isn't fair!" I whine

"Nope, but I won so I'll have the big bed" Josh says

Then Liam appears. "Hey Jen, you should check out the girls room, it's pretty good." he says and I follow him inside. 

Jena and Claudia show proudly their room. Looks the same like ours but instead of cream colored walls, they've mint green walls. The big sofa is also white and they've green curtains. 

"It's gorgeous" I say while looking around.

" Yes it is." Jena says 

" Let's check out your rooms, I want to know how they look like" Claudia says.

Joshs POV

After checking out the other's room we decide to take a nap. Jen disappears in the small room to get change in her pajamas. I head to the master bedroom and strip off my clothes except my boxers.

I slip under the soft sheets and toss a few pillows on the ground. I make myself comfortable and try to sleep.

After an hour of tossing and turning, I still can't sleep. I get up from the bed and walk to the eat section to drink some water. When I head back to the bedroom I see Jen's bed is empty.

I peek in her room and see she's sleeping on the ground. She must be so exhausted she didn't even notice she's fallen out of the bed. Besides, I don't think she's used to sleep in small beds like this.

The bad guy inside me appears and walk towards Jen. God she's so beautiful. I kneel down next to her and slide carefully an arm under her shoulders. I slide my other arm under her knees and lift her op. 

Carefully I carry her to my bedroom and lie her down under the sheets. Jen's still asleep. I lie down next to her. 

With the most perfect girl in the world sleeping next to me I fall asleep.

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