Just Keep Breathing

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*Cara's POV*

So two days ago Alex and I kissed, since then we've been kinda secretive... I mean, I can't even tell Jayy or Dahvie and I tell them everything, speaking of which... They are taking me to get another tattoo. "Jayy, Davvie... IF I TELL YOU SOMETHING PROMISE NOT TO TELL?" I yelled... "If its about you fucking the living daylights and losing your virginity to that Alex kid. We know." Dahvie said. I turned a deep shade of red. "WE DIDNT FUCK WE JUST KISSED. God, if anything I'll die a virgin, cause no one needs to be in there. That's my cookie jar! " I giggled at the end of that. "So Ronnie and Ben just played with the cookie jar some huh?" Jayy said with a smirk. I was about to say something when we pulled up to the Tattoo shop. "Okay, so Jayy will go first then me. LETS GO!" I yelled while running out of the car.

~Time skip~

Alexs POV*

So, I got a call from Cara about an hour ago and she seemed upset so I decided to go to her brothers bus, on my way there she was with Ronnie, he was yelling at her.

~Caras POV~

"Ronnie, you and I were never dating. We had NOTHING going on. Drop it." I screamed at the top of my lungs. "I WILL NOT DROP THIS, YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DROP ME FOR SOME DIMWIT YOU BARELY KNOW? HELLO SOUNDS A LITTLE FUCKING STUPID!" Ronnie screamed and tried getting into my face. I went to punch him but my hand was grabbed by someone, I turned around to see Alex, Jinxx and Andy. "Ronnie, its time for you to leave, now." Now, Jinxx doesn't look that tough but he is and everyone knows when hes serious you back the fuck off. "No, not til she understands who actually loves her, not til shes with me." He spat out, he isn't the wisest... I got out of Alex's grip and pushed Jinxx out of my way and got into Ronnie's face. " Ronnie, I love you but not in that way, you may care about me but lets be honest, you want nothing but sex, I don't see anything in you but that, you aren't the same person a year ago that helped me. NO, you're just as bad as Ben, I love you guys both but I am not some sex puppet. You cant toy with my feelings at all and honestly, I like someone else. So deal with it. You are the past now." After I had said that every one was in so much shock, no one and I mean no one could believe that I just did that, I was actually shocked in myself as well... I cant believe, that I just stood up for myself in a way instead of having someone else do it for me. After a few moments of no one talking I took Alex's hand and went near the pond that was close by. It was silent, not awkward but perfect in a way you could say.

*Alex's P.o.v

We went to this pond area and just sat at the edge, I didn't have to play tonight I did during the morning so I had the rest of the afternoon to myself/Cara... "Cara, can I tell you something and you promise not to run away or laugh at me... Please.." I whined "Yeah, I guess" She said and turned to face me, I took in a deep breath and looked into her eyes, as I looked all I saw was her past, hurt, pain, strength and beauty. I could see her depression but I could the happy glint in her eyes when I smiled at her. " I know we have only known each other for a x amount and that it'd probably way too soon to say this but what I am about to say is the truth. I am in love with you Cara... I cant stop thinking about you, or the way it felt when we kissed... I cant believe I am dreaming about you. Every time I even think about a girl you show up in my mind, when I start to think about my sadness I see your eyes and lips and I get this wide grin on my face and all I want to do is hold you and never let you go ever. All I want at this moment in time, this month and this year, hell maybe even for the rest of my life, but I know for sure I need you right now. Please. Be mine, because I need you and I truly love you and I don't care if you never say it back to me ever, as long as I keep making you blush and smile I will be happy with a 'I like you'." I said that rather slowly too, but I felt my heart skip a beat when she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. "Yes... I am yours" She said between kisses. I couldn't help but smile. This was the most amazing thing ever. Thank God for Ronnie being such a dick.

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