Chapter 8- Only His

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I look at Lycan like his crazy. "Excuse me"?! I screech.

He raises an eyebrow. "Dont use that tone with me, my dear".

I glare him. "You cant claim to be in love with me, you dont even know me"!

He growls, pulling me into him. "Oh but i am my dear, and i am claiming you".

I squirm, frustrated. "No, please dont".

He looks at me. "And why shouldnt i Paige?, so you can go back to those two low-lifes"! He yells.

"You dont scare me Lycan, and yes i would happily be with one of them then be with a monster like you"! I yell.

His eyes change to red of anger. "You will regret saying that my dear". He states, tilting my head.

As i feel his breath on my neck, i let out a whimper. "Please dont Lycan". I close my eyes and i feel a gust of wind and when i open my eyes, im suddenly in a different room. i look around and i see Lycan looking out the window. i sigh.

"Dont worry, i wont bite you my dear". He states.

I sigh. "Im sorry Lycan, its just-".

"Theres no need to apologize my dear". He says, turning around. i look at him. "But there is one favor i ask of you". he states, walking towards me.

I look at him. "And what would that be"?

He cradles my cheek as he looks at me. "Kiss me".

I look at him, confused. "Thats all you want"?

He nods and i shrug. "O-o-okay". I lean in and kiss him, short but sweet. Once im done i feel a wave of guilt run through me. "Shit". i mumble.

He looks at me. "What"?

I back away. "What have i done, i belong to Damon not you".

He looks at me, frustrated. "You have done nothing wrong, it was a command nothing more".

"A command?!, so you lied you feel nothing for me"?! I hiss.

He smirks, amusement in his eyes. "Now theres the girl that i adore".

I hiss. "You tricked me".

He smirks. "Yes and you fell for it and you want to know why". When i dont say anything he continues. "Its because you feel something for me my dear, something strong and powerful, with you by my side we would be the most powerful kingdom".

I gasp. "But why me"?

He smiles. "Because i want you, only you my dear".

I sigh. "I cant, im sorry". i mumble, walking towards the door but Lycan pulls me back.

"Your scared". He mutters.

I growl. "Not im not".

He smirks. "Yes you are".

I roll my eyes, annoyed. "Believe what you want, im going home".

"No your not". He growls, warningly.

I glare at him. "You cant keep me here".

"Oh yes i can".

"And this is why noones loves you, you force them to be at your becking call but in reality they would just like to put a stake through your heart"

He growls, grabbing me. "You want to kill me, now thats considered as treason, how should i punish you my dear"? He mutters.

I glare at him. "Just kill me now Lycan, get it over with".

He smirks. "No that would be too cruel my dear, i have far better plans for you".

I growl. "Then i will kill myself"!

He growls. "If you so much as touch a knife i will go on a rampage"!

I sigh. "Just let me go".


"Why not".

"Because my dear i want you to have my child".

I gasp, fainting.

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