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After waiting for four hours see a doctor, I was free to go home, but not before I had to have my arm bandaged up in a god damn plaster cast. Ashton had burst out laughing when the doctor had told us that I had indeed broken it. He even had the cheek to ask the doctor if he could have a copy of the x-ray to keep and frame. He got a smack around the head for that; with my good arm.

I only have half a cast on for now; I have to go back in a week to get my full cast placed and choose what colour I want it. I don't care what colour it is, as long as I got to smack Ashton with it. Stupid boy, it's all his fault.

"This is all your fault you know that." I say sulking in the back of Cayden's car.

"How is this my fault?" He asks turning round to look at me grinning.

"Because I was trying to get away from you when I fell, ergo your fault."

"That was not my fault; it was yours for trying to climb over me and tripped."

"Trying to climb over you because you squished me against your wall and I needed to pee, so it's still your fault."

"Errr no..." Ashton carries on only to be interrupted by Cayden.

"Shut up, you two are like children, my god."

"Well she started it." Ash mutters

"Because it's your fault I broke my wrist."

"Not again please, it's still too early to be dealing with you two. This is actually making me miss my noisy housemates." Cayden grumbles.

"Whatever, you love us really Cay." I grin at him and I can see him roll his eyes through the mirror.

"Yea, of course I do squirt."

"Drop me off at mine will you, I'm spending the day with Mase."

"No problem."

"You're gona get your ass kicked when Mase finds out you broke my wrist Ash." I laugh as we pull onto my road.

"It was your fault."

"By the time I finish my story, it's all gona be your fault." I laugh as the car pulls outside my house and I jump out.

"I'll get you back Lou, I always dooooo." He shouts out his window.

"With what? Another tickle session?" I say winking at him before blushing. As if I just did that, now memories of our hot make out session from last night won't leave my head.

"You wish Lou." Ash grins winking at me before Cayden drives off.

Damn that boy.

Of course I bloody wish.

Eugh...he frustrates the hell out of me.

All I want to do is have him kiss me like that again.

I head inside, shutting the door behind me and go in search of food, I'm starving. With us leaving to go to the hospital this morning I never got my usual pancake breakfast off Ashton.

Grabbing some bread I pop it in the toaster and grab a carton of orange juice from the fridge. Attempting to open it one handed isn't easy.

"About time you got back squirt, you ready to go?" Mason says walking into the kitchen as his eyes clock my wrist. "What the hell happened?"

"Long story, but it's broken yes. Now can you please help me with this drink before I die of dehydration?"

"Always the drama queen." He smiles pouring me my drink and buttering my toast.

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