Chapter 10

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You answer the door and there is a smiling Nash. You only pretend to be angry with him, even though you are pretty annoyed. You step outside, lock the door and don't smile back. You walk straight past him with your nose in the air. He giggled and followed. You opened the passenger seat door yourself and got yourself in. You saw Nash smiling through the window and shaking his head on the way around to the car. As he gets in you fold your arms and face the window. He laughs, you loved hearing him laugh. He looked so cute. But you weren't backing down and stayed in your position, looking out of the window. "Come on babe you can't stay mad forever," he finally says. You ignore him. "ahh, silent treatment hey? Well how am I supposed to tell you where we are going if you won't listen," that was a hard one. You look at him concentrating on the road. "fine! Where are we going?" you ask getting stressed. " it's a surprise..." he whispered back. You groan really loud and look outside to the dark streets. Nash was laughing his head off at you. You glare at him, which makes him laugh more. " I don't like you right now," you huff.

He giggles and says,"well you better do, because we are here now," you pull up to a car park which is opposite a huge beach. You didn't have chance to go to beaches where you lived before as you were right in the centre of America. England has terrible weather so that was no good either. You get out of the car and your mind clicks. "Are we going to watch sunrise?!" you asked really excited and trying not to jump up and down. Nash nods his head and gives you a wild smile.

"yay!" you squeal. You give Nash a really tight hug and he hugs you tightly back. You sprint down to the beach clutching your towel. Your hear Nash giggling behind you. It was still quite dark, so you lay down your towel and lie on it. Nash appears next to you and does the same. You start shivering as it was really cold. Nash notices you shivering and pulls you towards him. You notice there was no one else on the beach and take advantage of that. You cuddle up with Nash and wait until the sun comes up. "So what's it like in England?" Nash asks you looking curious. " No where near as good as it is here put it that way, the weather there is terrible!" Nash giggles when you tell him this. "I'm going there next summer," he exclaimed. Your heart stops. He is going to England. Your old friends and family will be there. You look at him opened mouthed, and finally say something.

"I wish I could come, I miss everyone,"

"Don't worry babe, you will see them soon, I'm sure you will," he says kissing you on the cheek. "can we go in the water when the sun comes up?" you ask him with puppy dog eyes. "anything for you, but you might get cold," you nod, knowing what you wanted to do.

You cuddle up to Nash and nearly fall asleep on his chest when all of a sudden there is an orange glow. Nash fell asleep, you woke him up by sitting on him. "Come on Nash lets get in!" you stand up and he slowly does as well. You take off your top and shorts so your in your bikini and feel Nash watching you, and here him gasp lightly. You giggle and make your way down to the water.

(Nash's POV)

When Holly woke me I was really tired, but when I saw her get into a bikini that quickly woke me up she looked amazing. She was wearing a red bikini which the straps went around her neck. She had an amazingly flat stomach which was slightly toned, and not to be pervy, but her boobs were amazing. When she turned around I saw she had an ass too, and I gasped. She giggled so I think she heard. Crap. She pulled down her long brown hair and it swayed in the wind. She looked like a model walking down to the water. I quickly wipp off my top and I was glad that I had been working out for the past 6 months. I looked at her again and she was stood there in the water waist down. From where I was standing she looked like she was in the middle of the huge sun. This was perfect. I made my way down to her.

(Your POV)

You stand in the slightly warm water and started to get a few goosebumps. Suddenly two muscly arms were wrapped around you and you weren't cold anymore.

You could feel a chest on your back and what seemed to be some huge abs. Nash. You hold onto his arms, which were keeping you warm. He spins you around and you see what you predicted, amazing abs and muscly arms. He was so gorgeous without a top on. Your about to gasp but stop yourself by biting your lip. He notices and laughs. You put your face into your hands and feel yourself going red. He pulls your hands away and tilts your head up with his chin.

Your looking into each other's eyes. As he was facing the sun, you saw the sparkle in them which was mesmerising. He puts his hands into your face and pulls you in gently. Your arms go around his body. His soft lips connect with yours, nothing else mattered now. You moved your arms from his body and put them around his neck getting closer to him. He puts his arms around your waist. The kiss starts to become more passionate and he runs his tongue on your bottom lip asking for an entrance. You except and then his tongue is in your mouth. You fight for dominance but you give up and he wins. He picks you up while your mouths are still attached and you wrap your legs around him. One of his hands was running up and down your back, you groan which makes him smirk. You grab a fistful of his hair and pull it playfully which makes him groan, now you are the one smirking. The kiss starts to get deeper and deeper and you keep on leaning an leaning in. Now you wanted him to fall over into the water, you thought it would be hilarious but he was so strong and your petit figure wasn't, and it failed. It seemed to make his grip around you tighter and he wanted you even more. You pull away and jump down. You look at him dreamily as if you were about to kiss him again. Instead you lean in and bite his lip, pull away and run off.

"Oi that's not fair! Your such a tease!" he says running after you. Your uncontrolable laughter sends you in fits and you fall to the ground. The sand sticks to your wet body and Nash falls down next you. You are both laughing your heads of and rolling around like pigs in mud. You get up and slowly walk to your towel. You lie down and as you are so tired you fall to sleep.

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