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     The next few weeks were absolutely awesome for Merry as she started picking up the threads of her now renewed life.People in school were warm and receptive towards her and she learnt to tolerate Jade who was wary of this new change in her.Dr.Greene helped a lot and their sessions were refreshing.For the first time,life was looking up.

    Merry's POV:/:)^^^

   So much happiness.I don't think its possible to be this happy.People at school smile at me for no reason,ask my opinion on things and the music and dancing clubs asked my patronage.Life couldn't be better.Its 6;00am and I just had a dream.Its not the usual as it came in the wee parts of the morning and somehow,rather than feel burdened or weary,I feel strangely light and relieved as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

   I saw a lady,beautiful with a beautiful filmy white gown.She had tears in her eyes and as i watched,she faded gradually untill she finally vanished like a cloud of smoke conjured up.I woke up whispering 'Mother,'but this time,the word wasn't hurtful and filled with loss but with reverence and the promise to go on.

  I went about my morning rituals mulling over this change.I grimaced,though as i opened my closet.I might need new stuffs,i thought.Dr.Greene had advised that.I shrugged lightly as I looked for something better to wear to fit my mood.I finally settled for a pink skirt and a white crop top with the words 'Evolution' on it.I thought it fit just what i felt.I was evolving and I liked the feeling.I sat still,staring at myself in the mirror.I could see the changes in just two weeks of smiling a little more often.I smiled again,liking what I saw.In what could be termed a racy move,I ran to Jade's room,picked up the little bag of treasures and ran back.Taking a deep breath,i started the little task of make-up.I applied everything appopriately after checking and double-checking the instructions and after I was done,i was awed.I looked....beautiful.There was no word.I smiled again at my mirror and just hid behind my hands to stop myself from giggling.I gently tugged on my braid,loosening it and brushed my hair,letting it fall around my face in soft waves.I pinned it around the side gently,letting a lock fall out.I examined my handwork,satisfied.

  I wore my sneakers gently so as not to rumple my skirt and ran downstairs before I changed my mind and cleaned up everything.


  Jones was eating his breakfast leisurely savouring the scent of Mirian's roses Meredith had kept in the dining room the day before.It made Jade scrunch up her nose like it stank.He felt kind of relieved these past few weeks as he saw changes in his daughter.Changes he could not explain.

  'Morning,everybody,'Merry sing-songed from the hallway bouncing from foot to foot.'How's it going,'she said,kissing her dad on the cheek and blowing a kiss to Jade,who stood speechless and open-mouthed in the kitchen doorway.

'Daaadddd,don't look at me like some alien from planet Woccha Woccha!',Merry exclaimed,giggling at her own little joke.

'Uhmm,no',Jones stammered looking at Jade whose vocal cords seems not to be working.

'Humph,'Merry said,stirring her tea.

'Are you wearing make-up,Meredith? ',Jade seems to have finally found her voice.

'Why,yes,'Merry replied,giggling.

Jones thinks she seems to be doing that alot.What was happening,he thought? That question was also not far from Jade's mind.

'Uhmm,Dad.I'll be needing some money.You know to do some shopping and stuff.My counsellor advises it.'

Jones raised his brows.Counsellor? That was a new one,'Counsellor? ',he asked his daughter.Whoever this person was,God bless.

'Yeah,'Merry was saying.'She has been very helpful,giving advice and stuff,'she said,chewing on her toast.

'You're going shopping.????You NEVER shop,'she almost screeched and Merry giggled,'I.know,right? You'll have to come with me,though.I don't know what is in-season',she said,smiling rather than the frown Jade always seem to get.

  Jones was lost.This was most unusual.'Uhmm,like how much are we looking at? 'he asked tentatively.He was all familiar with the female shopping sprees with Jade,but somehow Meredith never demanded money for clothes.

  Merry looked to Jade,who squinted mischieviously and turned back to her husband 'Say,Fifty thousand? 'and even Merry's eyes widened.

'What? 'Jade asked,'we need skirts,shorts,tops,blazers,shoes,sandals,jeans,you know make-up and the rest,'she said,warming up to her topic and even Merry's eyes were excited while Jones just looked on,horrified.

   Both ladies turned to look at him and he knew he was in trouble.He wanted happiness for his little girl but this was.....overwhelming.

'Okay,'he said weakly,signing out a cheque.Thank goodness he got that last deal.

  Jade collected the cheque smugly and winked at Merry who winked back.

   Jones fled.This was too much.

   Meanwhile,Jade turned to Merry,not fooled one bit,'Well,spill it out..What happened over the week? why this change? 'she asked suspiciously.

Merry shrugged,'Nothing.Just a decision i made to be happy.Bree helped,the counsellor is helping.'She shrugged.'I wanna be happy,Jade,'she completed

  Jade nodded.'I felt the same way when my mum died.I should have helped,i know but i was just so bitter,standing in your mum's shadow.I'm sorry,Meredith,'Jade said,tears in her eyes.

  Merry nodded.She knew this and of course,she did not blame Jade,she would feel the same way.'I wasn't always the best person,either.And I'm sorry,'

  They both smiled.This bridge was mended,atleast.While they rambled on about their upcoming shopping expedition,Merry's phone delivered a message.It was from Bree.we're gonna be late,missy..,it read.

'Gotta go,'Merry said,getting up.

'Okay.I'll clean up your closet before you get back.With this,'she pointed at the cheque,'We could buy the whole mall,'she smiled

'Can not wait,'Merry emphasized,chuckling as she picked up her bag,ready to go.

  On a whim,she flung herself at a suprised Jade 'Oh,Jade..this is gonna be sooo much fun,'she fairly screamed.

  Jade hugged her back,just as fiercely.

I could love this girl,she thought.I could.

'See ya,'Merry waved as she rushed to Bree's.

      *********** ************

    Mirian watched with mixed emotions at the scene below.She was happy they were so loving and forgiving towards each other,sad she was not the one down there.

'Come,my lady,'Tal said,leading her away.

'My time here is numbered,Tal,'she said deaperately looking at the Oriental.

He just smiled,'I wouldn't think so,my lady.The ways of the Divine are not known',he said.

'She's going to be fine,Tal,isn't she? She's out of danger now,'Miriam said looking at the Oriental desperately.

'They are many times of dangers,Mirian.The girl is out of the danger of the soul.The danger of the spirits of sadness and depression.We can only wait'.

'What does that mean,Tal.Is something going to happen? '

'Only the Divine knows all,My lady.And He says you must rest,'Tal said firmly as he opened the door to her chambers and pulled back the covers on the bed.

  Mirian sighed as she laid her head on the soft pillow.Sleep.would not come,she knew.But she had barely settled into the bed when her eyes and mind closed of their own will...

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