I Need You In My Life! <3

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Hi my name is Lauren and I'm pretty much of the average geek I don't like um stereotype. And I don't think it's fair that this popular people and the non pops I guess because that's what the label on people and that's how you get bully so I have friends of course like every other person mainly does but I don't care about being popular like everybody else that its just something that I don't have any interest in. But like every other girl in my school I have a crush on somebody his name is Dylan he's so nice!

Her name is Lily he's my best friend and nothing in the whole wide world could ever change that unless of course she be stealing  my man. Lol just kidding she wouldn't go for him because she's dating a guy named Michael she really really likes Michael she has ever since 4th grade and in middle school 7th grade they got together and we're in 11th Grade now the me and her been friends for roughly eight years um we met in 4th grade around the time she said like Michael and I couldn't wish for a better best friend.

His name is Dylan he's my crush  you're everything I've ever wished for the so nice you just perfect to me so I would like to thank you and I wish we could hang out sometime I don't know if you're reading this and not but I really really like you and I wish we could spend some time together.

Her name is Stacy see now she's head cheerleader but I hate her guts she's ruined  my life ever since kindergarten we used to be best friends and kindergarten but then she took my fruit snacks and cut off my hair so you know what I did I ripped her shirt and threw  a chair  yeah that's right you don't steal my fruit snacks or ever touch my hair. And she's dating  Dylan.

His name is Michael. He is dating Lily he's a good boyfriend to her. He's kind, and a gentlemen! He is tall he is kind of  a geek much like me. But there both in Love and I think its so cute!

Me and Lily went to my house, and I saw a post on Facebook that reads. By Stacy. *come and show your support for the football game, trust me they need all the support they can get*. When I seen the post I was like " what she just posted and said is really bitch". Lily said "I think Dylan has to go". So than I was all " should we go? I mean just to support the team?" Lily said "sure cmon it'll be hilarious watching the cheerleaders fall" I said " ya okay!"

Lily's P.O.V

So I didn't like the cheerleaders obviously. The only reason why I said yes is because Michael was going there with us! I finally got to spend time with My Boyfriend! And because I knew that Lauren wanted to go so that she could see Dylan, I'm such a good friend.

Lauren's P.O.V

I adore my bestie. She's a one of a kind. Nobody could replace her. And I knew that Michael would be there. I LOVE YOU LILY.

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