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"Awesome, Goku, Vegeta, you guys defeated that sick freak once and for all", said Krillin. "Yeah, it was a close, but we won", said Goku, now we just have to find the dragonballs and wish everyone back to life." As soon as they start to leave, a large energy beam came out of nowhere and killed Tien. "Tien", cried Krillin. "I thought it was too good to be true, that monster is still here", said Kyasu. Sephtis walked towards them, "you thought that attack was strong enough to kill me,he laughed, you Earthlings, are funny, but now I'm mad, and I'm going to have fun killing you one by one." Sephtis, then turned his eyes towards Kyasu and charged at him. Kyasu then gets into fighting position and told everyone to get back, and he unleashed a Super Explosive Wave, blowing Sephtis away. "Whoa, did you see that", said Krillin, he just knocked Sephtis back with an explosive wave". "Kyasu is strong, no doubt about it, but he's gonna need more help to defeat him, said Goku. Gohan goes to aid Kyasu in his fight. Gohan then transforms into Ultimate Gohan and fires a Masenko at Sephtis before he could flinch. Sephtis, now angered, gets higher in the air and creates a large ball of ki and turns it into a dark energy ball. "I've played your little game long, enough, it's time for all of you to die". "Ughh, with a energy ball that big, he could destroy the universe 3 times, he have to stop him, said Goku. Thinking, Goku could only think of one thing to do. "Okay, guys I'm going to try something, whatever you do don't do anything until I tell you," said Goku. Everybody looked at Goku in confusion and he disappeared. He then appeared in front of Gohan and Kyasu. "Okay, you guys, here's the plan, Gohan, I want you to fire a Kamehameha wave at him, and Kyasu, I want you to get back so that you don't get hurt". "What, what do you mean, this is my fight too", Kyasu replied. "I know, but you're too young to die, so get going", Goku said. Kyasu retreats to the rest of the Z-Fighers. "Okay, everyone fire your most powerful attack at him", said Goku.

"Kakarot, are you crazy, he'll just absorb the attack", said Vegeta. "That's what I'm hoping for", Goku replied. Then everyone did what Goku said and their most powerful attacks, and Sephtis decided not to attack and absorbed their attacks. "You fools, do you really think that's going to work", said Sephtis. "Goku's nuts, he's only getting stronger, what's his plan, said Krillin. "I don't know but keep firing", said Kyasu.

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