Imagine #2

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Imagine: You and your friends have front row tickets to Justin Bieber's Believe Tour. You also have VIP and meet and greet tickets. You're getting ready for the concert when you realize you have less than an hour to get there. You guys grab your tickets, VIP passes, and meet and greet tickets and run to the arena. It's right next to your apartment so you jog to Madison Square Garden. When you guys get to the arena there is still lots of girls standing outside. You guys walk up to the entrance and give the guy your tickets and VIP passes, then he gives you a green bracelet. Then you go to the gift shop and get a light up microphone. Then you go to your seats. You guys meet some Belieber friends while waiting for Justin to come out for sound check. When he comes out you and everyone else in the arena screams. Then he says,"Hello New York! Wow! Not many in here. You all have VIP passes?" You all said,"YES!" He smiled and then says,"Alright. Does anyone have any questions for me?" After he answered the last question he goes backstage and prepares for the concert. Once the stadium is filled the concert begins. When you see Justin you start screaming. You and your friends sing to all of the songs and then when One Less Lonely Girl starts he says,"I'm gonna need to find my One. Less. Lonely. Girl." You guys screamed and then he started singing. Then Allison comes up to you and says,"You want to be the One Less Lonely Girl?" You scream and say,"Yes!" Then she takes you backstage and then says,"Okay. It's time." Then you walk on the stage and sit in the chair. Justin walks up to you and puts the crown on your head and then serenades you. When the song ends he escorts you back to your seat. When you get back to your seat you hug your friends while crying.

When you go backstage you get a picture, autograph, and his phone number! You exchange numbers and talk everyday about his tour. Then one day you see him at the mall and he asks you out. You say "yes" and then two years passes and he proposed to you at one of his concerts in front of his fans. Then you guys have a kid together and you live happily for the rest of your life.

I had a lot of fun writing this one. It's probably not that good though. Tell me what you think!

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