Chapter 3 - "Is your underwear made of the same stuff?"

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I snuggled into Ivory's warm belly and closed my eyes. In no time at all I heard his rumbling snores and they lulled me off into a deep and dream filled sleep.

I was snapped from my slumber by a loud cackling and Ivory's movement. I groaned and forced my eyes open, only to be half blinded by a bright morning sun. I rubbed my face and turned away from the sun, blinking the sleep out of my eyes. Ivory was hissing at a tiny dragon, opening his frill to make him look bigger and stamping his feet. The smaller, purple dragon was accompanied by a few more like it and they were raiding my store of fish from my saddlebag. I stumbled to my feet and shooed them away, using my staff to bat at them.

A few seconds later I heard a beating of wings behind me and saw Toothless in the sky with Hiccup. "Morning Olvor!" He called down to me, "Fancy a early fly?"

"Sure!" I tacked Ivory up quickly and flew up to join the Night Fury in the sky. "Wanna race?"

"Three, two..." Hiccup counted down by way of agreement."...One, go!" He yelled quickly and he shot off, Ivory and I following closely behind.

I flew faster and came up alongside Toothless. He warbled at Ivory who bickered back.

"Try and keep up!" I yelled as I shot I front of Hiccup and over the sea. I banked left and soared around a pointy rock. Up ahead was a big rock with a archway in the middle, perfect for me to fly through. I did so and heard a shout from Hiccup.

"Watch this!" He unbuckled himself from Toothless' saddle and launched himself off him as he glided through the archway. Hiccup landed on the top of the rock and ran over it, leaping off the end and landing on Toothless.

I clapped and pulled a somersault, Ivory roaring at the fun of it all. Hiccup laughed and shot off to the north, towards a small island with a bridge connecting it to the main island of Berk. I followed him closely and landed on the bridge when he did.

"This is the Training Academy." He said as he dismounted, pointing at the island. On it was a large circular pit, lined with hard stone. It had a chain net over it to stop the dragons from flying away and several scorch marks on the floor and walls. In these walls where some empty cages. "It's where we train the dragons to be ridden."

"Awesome!" I cried as I dismounted. "Can we have a closer look?"

"Sure!" Hiccup started to walk towards it and I trotted to catch up with him.

We reached a heavy cage like door that could be opened via a leaver. Hiccup pushed this leaver to the floor and the door rattled open. Toothless dashed in, followed by Ivory, Hiccup and I. "This is pretty cool." I reasoned, looking around me. I was cut off from saying any more by the sound of beating wings. I looked up and saw four dragons flying towards the school. One was very round and had small, fluttering wings. Another was a deep red, had a long, slender neck and tall, back curving horns. It's huge wingspan was almost the same distance as it's lengthily tail. The third dragon had a large head and a very spiky frill. It's big feet hung below it as it made long, graceful strokes of its wings. The last dragon had two heads, each on the end of a thin green neck. It's tail was split in two and it was very wide. Each dragon had a rider, and the two headed one had two riders, one for each head.

They landed and walked into the school, allowing me to see their riders closer.

"Errr... These guys are my friends!" Hiccup spoke up. I held my staff tightly, ready for a possible attack. "This is Snotlout." Hiccup gestured to a slightly fat boy who had just got off the red dragon. His wiry black hair stuck out at all angles from under his helmet. He had a wide belt and a green shirt with a smug look on his face.

"Hi." He smirked, looking me up and down.

"He rides a Monstrous Nightmare called Hookfang." Hiccup continued. I nodded and smiled at them and Ivory blinked at Hookfang. "This is Fishlegs. He rides Meatlug, a Gronkle." A immense blond boy was sat on the immense brown blob of a dragon that was the Gronkle. He waved shyly at me and I waved back. "This is Astrid and Stormfly, her Deadly Nadder." Astrid stood by Stormfly with a axe in her hand, tossing it into the air and catching it again. She had blonde hair in a braid and her bangs over one of her blue eyes. She had a leather headband and a red, spiky skirt. Her blue top matched her dragon's scales nicely.

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