Fresh faces

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Good morning are you guys feeling alright? A nurse asked.

Yes we're fine thank you! I said

Nash? Han said.

Yes? I replied with but I'm kinda of scared to in out what she has to say.

What do you think that Matt is thinking does he not like us together did you guys already have a talk about this that I didn't know about?

Hanna I hve always liked you. Who wouldn't? Your smart and pretty your head of the the cheer team and everyone knows and loves you! Matt just didn't want you to get hurt. And I understand that. I said.

So where does that leave us?

Hanna even if we arnt together I will always love you! I said.

Hey guys how are you feeling. Said Cameron.

Good I guess. Hanna said.

Here I brought you McCdonalds!

Ahh yes did you ge-

You mean a sweet tea, 5 peice chicken nugget, large frie, and a straw? Yes I did he said and chuckled.

Your the best. Han said and smiled.

Here a coke and frie and cheeseberger for the bestfriend. He said handing over my bag.

Thanks! I said.

Miss. Espinosa? A nurse said.

That's me. Han said.

Your needed for your 2 hour check out. C'mon sweets let's go.

Okay. *han left the room*

What was that about last night? Cam said.

What do you mean? You saw the fight.

With you and Hanna I mean.

Oh, I like her and she likes me. I said.

Where's Matt? I asked.

He's sleeping and you know I like Han right? Why would you do that to me?

I like her too you know. And we both can't have her.

I'm sorry he said. But if you fuck things up with her remember me, just remeber me. I'll always be here for her. Are we still cool?

Yes we're still cool.


What the fuck did I do?

I beat my sister last night and knocked my best friend out. What kind of friend does that?

Nash made a pretty dick ass Moore last night making out with Han. And I out them in a hospital. What have I done?

But I tf him not to make a move in my sister and told him no.

I should be the only man besides dad that she should ever care about.

But it wasn't her fault. She probably hates me now and it's all my fault.

I just want to apologize and comfort her right now. I have screwed things up badly. Why must I have done that.

I just wanted Hanna to be safe. Now my own sister and bestfriend probably hate me.

And it all happened BECUASE I had to go and get drunk last night.


Nash? Cameron?

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