the room

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one hot sunny day in California a teenage girl named Mandy was walking home with her friends Blake and Christina. 

"what are your plans for the weekend", Mandy said with a turn of her head sending her golden blonde hair into the wind

"im going shopping at target with my mom, she said she would buy me one one of anything i wanted",replied Christina who was

twiddling her thumbs like she was nervous but Mandy didn't notice. "well im going to that new teen club, my moms busy working again so i was going to see if i cant find

myself a date to the fall fling" said Blake kicking the dusty sidewalk, "how come you never talk about your mom" said Mandy.

 that's when the van pulled up next to them and five guys dressed in black masks and clothes got out and started pulling the three teens into the van,

they were in so much shock that before they even considered screaming they were already bound and gagged. the last thing they remembered before they past out was

 some skinny dude with blue eyes and a bit of a beard injecting them with something from a needle labeled (flunitrazepam)or something along the lines of that and 

the next thing they knew they were waking up in a room, it had one window but it was barred it had three beds which were all bolted 

to the ground one iron door with a slit in it and a bathroom with a shower a toilet and a sink

a new pair of clothes were layed out for each of them on the beds when they got there, about half an hour of chatting and crying later they heard a voice coming from

the other side of the door saying welcome to the freezer you'll be spending a lot of time here try to make yourselves

comfortable, "let us out" screamed the three almost in unison

"we gotta get out of here" whimpered Mandy,"ya" replied Blake and Christina, "but how" says Blake sounding panicked, i don't know replied Mandy almost in tears 

the next five days were hell waking up new clothes on the bed only getting food through the tiny slot in the door, although every few days they would get a happy

meal with a little candy on the side from the skinny guard, after a while of being in this room some of the guards started bringing in some other stuff like a chair

and a desk and paper and pencils i guess they were just trying to make it a bit more comfortable all of a sudden Mandy got an idea

"we could wait until night when they people bring us our new clothes and when they do Blake could be waiting behind the corner and knock them out and we could escape 

we just have to wait for the right guard to be watching us the skinny one who brings us a candy with dinner",Blake and Christina nod in agreement to the plan 

and decide they should probably get some rest so they lay down on the lumpy smelly beds that creaked when you sat on them, the next morning

morning Mandy and Christina wake-up and Blake wasn't there the girls look at each other and decide to check the bathroom before they freaked out but he was nowhere 

to be found "dammit", yelled Mandy "now what are we gonna do Blake was our only plan, "i don't know" says Christina but there is no use crying about it we just have to

figure out another plan but first we should get some rest, so they go to sleep once again 

realizing there is nothing they can do to escape this hell hole. forty five minutes after midnight Mandy is grabbed by someone covering her mouth, the person whispers

 "my name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam hell if i know why but right now we have to get moving before we get caught escaping but you have to be quiet or we will

get caught, will you be quiet" Mandy nods in agreement  

"wait what about Christina she is still sleeping" whispered Mandy "i know ill explain later but right now we have to go" replied Sam "no screw that why the hell would

 i leave my best friend here she is all I've got left' whimpered Mandy "because Christina is the one that got you thrown in here now lets go"

Sam gets Mandy to follow close behind her "slow down im tired ok" cries Mandy "we have to get out of here before we get caught" replies Sam frustration clearly 

starting to build in her voice when Sam suddenly stops Mandy rams into the back of her almost knocking Sam down some guards must of heard because they started running

towards them Sam pushes Mandy aside and starts beating the crud out of these guards when she finally finished with them all Mandy said was "where the hell 

did you learn that" "ive been in training for stuff like this all my life" replied Sam sounding very proud of herself that she did that "alright lets go Mandy"

Sam leads her out some more doors and finally outside where a truck is waiting for them  "get in" screams Sam "where will we go" says Mandy "anywhere is better than

here wouldn't   you agree "i guess" so the two of them drove off down 34th st heading every different direction until they came upon a big abandoned factory where they

stopped and headed inside only to find Blake sitting on a couch waiting "alright now what the hell is going on here what do you mean Christina is the one who got me 

put in there" yelled Mandy clearly angry that she had to leave her friend behind Christina and her family are part of a sex slave operation they were just going to

get you to be afraid of them first but im a secret undercover agent that stops underground organizations like this" wait so what does Christina have to do with

this how is she apart of it how do you think Blake escaped Christina was going to get him killed before you guys could escape but luckily i found him in time

"holy shit are you serious"  said Mandy shocked "unfortunately i am" reaplied Sam "well what are we gonna do about this we cant just let other people be captured" Mandy asked "i saved my son and his friend 

that's all that matters to me now go home before anyone finds you, let your parents know that your safe and sound", "ok" "i can deal with this on my own goodbye Mandy" 

"goodbye Sam i will never forget you and your kindness" 

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