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Goku stares at Sephtis and powers up to a Super Saiyan 4, so let's finish this, and he fires a Kamehameha x10 at Sephtis. Sephtis tried to absorb it, but Piccolo hit him with a ki blast breaking his concentration and Sephtis took the hit head on. Goku asked Piccolo why did he interfere but Piccolo said, that the only way that we can beat this guy is for everyone to fight together as one. Everyone agreed, and everyone charged towards Sephtis, Goten and Trunks, looked at eacher, "You thinking what I'm thinking, asked Goten, Trunks said yeah, and they fused into Gotenks. Krillin, Goku, Kyasu, and Gotenks, fired a Kamehameha wave at Sephtis, while Piccolo fired a Destructive Wave, Tien fired a Tri-Beam, and Vegeta's Final Flash, at Sephtis doing a large amount of damage to him. Sephtis, badly injured looked at the Z-Fighters, and laughed, stating that he's never been dealt this much damage before. As they tried to finish him off Sephtis unleashed a Super Explosive Wave, blasting everyone away. Gotenks looked at him, okay, here we go, Super Ghost Kamikaze Delta Attack, and 1,000,000 ghosts appeared and charged at Sephtis. Sephtis stood up and all 1,000,000 ghosts entered his body and instead of them exploding, Sephtis absorbed them from the inside increasing his power dramatically. "Now you see, it's useless, I can't be beaten by the likes of you". "Uh-oh, he may be right guys, said Krillin, he's just to powerful". "Kakarot, as much as I hate to do this, I think it's time for Fusion", said Vegeta. "Wow, Vegeta, you think he's that strong, alright then lets do it." Goku and Vegeta doing the fusion dance "Fusion-Ha". And Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is born. "Okay Sephtis, it's time to end this, you're reign of terror will end right here," said Gogeta.

"Oh, this could get very interesting", said Sephtis. Kyasu could only watch in amazement of the power coming from Gogeta, he wanted to join in the fight, but Piccolo stopped him saying that they are too weak and they would only get in the way. And Kyasu agreed and just watch the battle unfold. Gogeta made the first move, and punched Sephtis in the face in a blink of an eye. "Whoa, what happened, Sephtis is hurt, but Gogeta, didn't do anything, said Kyasu. "No, it's not that, Gogeta's speed is uncomparable and we can't even see a single hit from him", said Tien. Gogeta then charges Sephtis and throws even more punches and kicks at him and mocking him. "You thought you was going to destroy our planet, you are sadly mistaken, said Gogeta, and he's about to finish him off. Big Bang Kamehameha x100 and he sent Sephtis away. Shortly after, Gogeta defused.

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