Drown Me

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I jumped. Not thinking about what the real answer is. 

I felt the cold water slowly pulling me deeper and deeper. I wasn't scared at all. Actually, the moment I've let myself fall into the water, there is only one person I thought about, Georgina. Suddenly, I realized that I'm already running out of air. All I can see are rising bubbles signaling me towards the open air.  I swam against the current and popped my head out of the water. 

"Hi there, brave one." Teresa said as I popped my head out. 

I smiled at her and swam towards them. 

"How did it feel?" Georgina asked me.

"It felt good. Cold. Enlightening and confusing at the same time really." My word are full of hidden signals for Georgina. My words are like those in poems who beats around the bush. Now I know I'm really confused. I really don't know why it was her that I'm thinking about rather than Patrick. "But I liked it." I said.

They clapped and yelled expressing that they have accomplished their mission for the day. We had fun for the rest of the afternoon. We jumped while doing wacky poses, jumped together, made a bonfire to cook our hotdogs and marshmallows, we took pictures even underwater (Thanks to the techie twins), and drank while sitting around the bon fire. 

We walked down the trail. All quiet and tired and said our goodbyes as we reached our cars. 


We did not talk the whole ride. I was just staring outside the window thinking about what I really feel and why am I feeling this way. I am questioning myself if I'm falling for Georgina or not. If im just fond of the happiness that she gives me while covering up my inner scars. I really don't know. 

As we reached her place, I quickly went to my room and stated to write my job article. 

To: Wayne Cortell

Fr: Amber Stanford

Title: Confused

Love can be sometimes confusing to the point that we really don't know what kind of love do we feel for a person. Sometimes, it takes a dangerous and risky moment to realize who'd be the most important person in your life because that person is the one that you'll think about when that moment happens. Love is a vague concept that we all don't have any clear idea. we just know that love gives us happiness, contentment, and peace. 

I don't know what to write anymore. I really don't like to talk about love right now. I am in a little shaky time to talk about such things. I decided to call Wayne.

I knocked on the door of Georgina's room. She yelled and asked me to come in so I did.

"What's up?" She asked me.

"Hey. Can I brrow your phone for a while? I need to talk to Wayne about my job." I asnwered.

"Here. Uhm. Maybe I'll get you a phone tomorrow so you won't have to ask me from time to time and also for you to have something to use if ther's an emergency." She offered.

"I think that's to much of you. It's fne with me not to have one." I answered thoughtfully.

I went downstairs and called Wayne.

"Hey Wayne. This is Amber Standford. I would just like to ask you something." I said quickly as he picked up the call.

"Hey Amber. What is it?"

"I know its too much for me to ask but do you have any more articles to write about that is not related to love? I'm really having a hard time talking about love. I think I'm really in a shaky time right now. Im sorry Wayne." I told him.

"I'm sorry Amber but its the only topic my articles are about. I understand that you're having a hard time writing with our situation but you should understand too that I'll be giving this job to another person if that's the case." He asnwered professionally.

"Okay. Sorry if I failed you. I hope this would not be the end of my professional relationship with you." I asnwered.  Feeling bad about me, losing a job.

"It won't Amber. Call me again when you're ready." He said then hanged up.


"Having a hard timewriting?" She asked me while holding the paper that I am writing on.

"Actually, I resigned. I'm having ahard time talking about love. " I asnwered.

"Confused? Why?" I can see that she's fighting the smirk off her lips. I know we wants to be serious and teasing at the same time.

"Yes. I am." Words came out of my mouth. Slippery slippery mouth. Me and my big mouth. Gosh.

"About?" She asked staring deeply into my eyes. Looking. Searching for answers.

I didn't answer. I just looked into her eyes then turned bakc and walked towards my room. I locked the door preventing her to come in anytime. I don't know why I am confused. I don't know why she keeps on running in my head. 


I woke up with the sound of Georgina and a man yelling downstairs. I hurriedly fixed myself up and went downstairs.

"What are you doing here?" Georgina asked the man.

"I just need place to stay? What are you so angry about?" The man answered.

They noticed me standing on the stairway confusingly looking at them.

"Aha. That's why you're so angry. Is she your new Emily?" He teased Georgina. His statement made my blood run in my face.

"No. She's not. She just needs a place to crash in that why she's staying here." She answered irritably.

"Why can't I stay here? She could stay here right? Why couldn't I? Are you making your moves on her?" He asked.

"No. I'm not. You can stay but you'll be sleeping in the couch." She answered.

"Thanks sis." He smiled signaling his winning moment.

He looked at me while placing his things beside the couch. He is looking at me like a detective. Focusing on my every feature. Then, when his eyes met mine, he winked at me. He chuckled discretely when he saw my reaction to what he did.

Georgina is unusually quiet when we had breakfast. I can see that she doesn't like his brother around here. Her brother is just the boy version of her. they both look good and you really can't deny that they are siblings.

"Hey." Her brother approached me.

"Hi." I answered him.

"I'm Tristan. You are?" He offered his hand for a shake.

"Amber." I answered shaking his hand.

Georgina fixed her plate and went quicly upstairs as I shake her brother's hand. Her face in emotionless. Her footsteps are a little heavy. She slightly slammed her door shut. 

"I bet she's jealous." He said.

"No. Why should she be?" I asked him.

"She likes you." He answered.

I stared at him blankly not knowing what to say. 

"But, I like you too. So... may the best man win?" He smiled then winked at me.

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