"Oh my god." I mumbled, "Oh my god not again."

"Calm down." Sherlock said.

"Calm down?! You're kidding! My Uncle COULD BE DEAD!" I yelled.

"If he was dead, he'd be here. No, he was taken."


"Yes." I threw my hands up.

"Oh of course! Why didn't I see it before?!" I screamed sarcastically. He rolled his eyes.

"Come on." He said, tugging me into a side street. He took his phone out and called 999 (I'm guessing that's like 911?)

"Hello? There's a dead woman on- where are we?" He asked me. I looked for a street sign.

"Wallston." I replied.

"There's a dead woman on Wallston street." He said, then he hung up the phone.

"What about Uncle Watson?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Best not get the police involved just yet. They have enough to worry about. Too much and their tiny brains might explode." He grinned at me, waiting for me to laugh.

"This isn't funny, Sherlock! Not even a little bit!" He shrugged.

"Follow me." He said, pulling me behind him.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Back to Baker Street." He said.

"What about Anne?" I asked. He shrugged.

"She'll be fine."

"Her mother was just murdered!"

"The police will find her soon enough." He dragged me along in silence for what felt like hours. Finally we reached 221B.

"What are we doing here?" I asked.

"I need to get some things." He replied. We walked up to the doorstep, and saw a boy sitting on it. He looked about my age, maybe a bit older.

"Um hi?" I said. He smiled.

"I thought so." He said.

"Lucas, if you could please remove yourself from our doorstep." Sherlock said. He stood up rather quickly.

"Sorry Mr. Holmes." He said. Sherlock nodded, and slipped past him into the house.

"Sherlock, wait, what stuff?" I asked.

"I'll be right out." He replied. I sighed.

"He does that." Lucas said.

"So I've noticed." He smiled awkwardly.

"Oh sorry, I'm Jessica. Jessica Jones." I told him.

"I'm Luke." He said. No last name, just Luke.

"Nice to meet you." I said.

"You too. I live right there." He said, pointing next to 221B.

"Oh cool we're neighbors." I commented.

"Yeah." He kind of sighed. His accent was down right delicious.

"So..." I said.

"So...." He replied.

"Come on." Sherlock said, bounding down the stairs. He grabbed my wrist, and started pulling me down the street.

"It was nice meeting you!" I yelled to Luke.

"You too!" He said, "See you later!" I waved.

"No." Sherlock said.

"No?" I asked.

"As John is away at the moment, I must assume the duties of your Uncle, and I say that that boy is not sutable."

"Not sutable, hm?"

"Not under any circumstances will you associate with him. Is that clear?"

"Crystal." The fact that Sherlock didn't like him made me want to get to know him all the more. Maybe living here wasn't going to be so bad after all.

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