Secret places

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Authors note:

I changed by book cover I think it's way better now... Please vote for by book and comment! This chapter is going to be really short because there will be an important cliff hanger...


"Quick!" Pyper whispered to Nina trying to bolt to a hiding place.

They scattered behind a large bookshelf. Pyper moved two books apart from each other so she could get a view of what was going on.

A person in a dark, ripped, black cloak walked throughout the basement.

Pyper gasped and shifted the books farther apart.

"Who is that?" Nina whispered to Pyper.

"I don't know! Shh!" Pyper snapped.

The strange figure in the black cloak turned around and look at the book shelf. He walked by it several times waiting to here someone make a noise.

"I guess nobody is there." The person with a cloak said in a deep voice.

"Well it can't be Rya!" Pyper whispered very quietly.

The man in the dark cloak pressed his hand against a brick in the wall.


Two walls opened up becoming far apart- Leading to a secret entrance.


Authors note:

This chapter was really short but I don't really know how I could of made it longer... Please leave suggestions in the comments about how I can make this book better!

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