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Kaylanies p.o.v.

I heard a couple of gun shots and thought can rushing into my mind, are all of my friends dead? or did they go to get help? I need to get out of here he can't win. I try and wiggle out of the rope tied around me. I have to calm down. I'll get my feet out first I tell myself. I start to lean back to let weight off my feet so I can wiggle them free. I lean back but lose my balance and hit the ground with a thud. I landed on my left arm that was tied behind my back and felt a crack. I cried out in pain and the only thing that replied my cry was my own echo in the gym. I try and forget the pain and start to wiggle my feet some more.

Finally after 4 minutes of struggling my right foot was free. Quickly I then my self over onto my side I tried to get my hand untied but my left hand wouldn't move! I stood up and the rope fell off the chair. the chair hit the floor with a noise that could've woken a sleeping bear. with the rope still around my wrists I run for one of the many exits in the cafeteria. When I reached the door next to the kitchen I stop to unwrap the rope all the way. when I freed my left wrist if gently fell out of socket. I gave out a wince of pain and took in a sharp breath. I was wearing my reeds creek sweat shirt so the best thing I could do was out my left arm in the pocket. I pushed the door with right hand and the spring breeze met me with a sweet smell. I stood for a moment and forgot everything. then it came rushing back the man, my friends, and my arm. I gave a quick glance around me and saw no harm. I looked back toward the gym and saw the man open the gym doors ok the other side. he looked confused an then he saw me through the windows on the door.

"Shit!" I said allowed.

Then I was sprinting toward the hill. wait no. I stopped my self and tried to wiggle through a hole in the fence that led to a forest. A piece of barbed wire caught my jacket. I turned fast and try to unhook it by getting closer then I see the man come around the corner. I freeze and lie on the ground were I felt all to he barb wire dig into my skin. just be still, I think. he won't know it's me he'll think I'm dead. I peek and he starts to walk away toward the hill. I tried to sit up but every time in out my hand on the ground it was stabbed by barb wire. I decide to take the pain and shove my bare hand into the ground. little pieces of metal shot into my hand from every direction.i sat up and followed my steps and threw myself on the other side of the fence. the opposer side I was trying to place myself on. I landed on my stomach which is were my arm was. pain shot up my arm. I slapped my right hand across my face to muffle a scream and turned on my stomach. I was in plain sight just laying there. I had to at least make it to a tree for cover but I just couldn't. Not now that I was on the other side of the fence.

I've made it this far.. I can't just give up now. I start to prop myself up on my right arm and then my pain starts to cease and slowly the world around me spins and my body slumps back to the ground then everything fades into nothingness.


I bet some of you forgot that Kaylanie was still in the cafeteria. I told my friends I wasn't going to write more because I didn't want them to know because that would ruin it so I hope everyone likes it. next chapter coming soon :)

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