Chapter 12

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Dear, Olivia

I have decided that since you know the truth behind these stories, I don't have anything to hide. So, I'm just going to let it all out today. I'm going to start with a story I wrote.

There once was a little girl without any eyes. She was very happy on the outside, but sad and broken on the inside. She didn't tell anyone because she didn't  want to put her burdens on another person. No one knew either. They just thought that if she acted happy on the outside, she was happy on the inside.

I wish I was that girl that didn't have eyes. People say the eyes are the windows to the soul and the soul holds everything. Nobody ever found out that the girl was sad, because they couldn't see her soul. I wish to be that girl so no one would ever be able to my faults and pain.

-Brooklyn <3

I sat limp on the floor, thinking. "Your wrong this time Brooklyn, I still would be able to see them," I whispered.

My door opened and Cole walked in with a tub of Ice Cream. "Hey cutie," he said smiling lightly. I didn't answer him. "I thought you could use a bit Brooklyn's favorite Ice Cream," he said to keep the conversation going. I still didn't answer, "I brought you this spoon I found in the ceral box too. I decided you could have it since its a bit weird for a senior to be using one," Cole said trying to make me smile.

"It's not working," I said.

"So I have noticed," he said down beside me with a sigh. He oppened the container and handed me my spoon. He took a big scoop and swallowed, "Mmmm, delicious," he said, "So whatcha been up to? Anything." I just shrugged. "Yeah me either. I've been pretty lazy since my sister died and the other one's scared of the world now," I cringed as he said the word 'died'.

"I'm sorry about that," I said with no sympathy.

"Your not the only one hurting you know" Cole said, "I'm in pain too. I'm trying to get us through this toogether and its not working when you shut me out."

I sighed, "I just... I don't feel like living anymore you know. Its not the death that hurts the most its that she's gone and no I feel I have nobody," I explained to Cole.

"You do though, Olivia. You have me, you have your mom, and my parents. We'll always be here for you, you just have to let us in. You have to trust us," Cole said.

I took this into consideration. Cole was right and I knew I could go to them, I was just  scared to. I had been in grief and in pain for so long, I wasn't opening my eyes to the world and letting people in. "Do you think I will ever stop being in pain, Cole?" I asked looking at him.

"Honestly, no I really don't. You and Brooklyn were very close, you knew everything about eachother. She let you into her world and only you. So no I don't think you will." Cole replied.

I was never going to fell truly happy agin...ever. But I was determined to start letting people in.

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