Chapter 25- VS

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Chapter 25- VS

Gabriel's Point of View

"Put jasmine down"!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Sorry but I can't do that" he said while holding jasmine is in his arms. " Chad, I want you to stay back he is all mine. "Who are you anyways" he with a devious smile. "Are you supposed to be her knight in shining armor".

Let's just say I'm your replacement. I came at him with half force not wanting to hurt Jasmine. But he unexpectedly threw jasmine in the air but luckily Chad was there to catch her.

I did not have to hold back anymore. Now since Jasmine was out of the way there was no need to. I tried punching he grabbed my arm and threw me. He started to take out his gun. I could hear Chad yelling "Watch Out"!!!!!!

The first time he shot at me he grazed me left arm. "Why don't you just give up and hand over the girl" he said. "Never"! I yelled. Chad I need you to take Ariana and jasmine and leave. "Don't worry about me I will be fine".

OK Gabriel Chad said in a sad voice. "Don't worry I won't kill you" he said. "I will take you to my boss and you will end up like Jasmine's father".

"Then I am going to go after her" he started to laugh. "I won't let that happen can't you see all of pain you already put her through". " I won't no...........I refuse to let you take her!!!!


So what do you think would happen? do you think that Gabriel or Shawn would win? Keep reading to find out. Updates will keep coming. don't forget to comment and vote. :)

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