Chapter 1: A New Notebook, A New Case

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December 31, 2005

Dear Dad,

Another case to handle, another case to win. I wish you're here to read my other journal, I just finished all the pages yesterday. I still remember how you told me that keeping one isn't immature. It let's one reflect in life. Dad, I really miss you...

Zoey Masterson, the 24-year-old attorney wo had made her way to the top attorneys in their entire state. She slipped in her black dress she bought last weekend, It was fit enough to show her curves but not that fit to look slutty. She placed on her blazer and wore her stilettos to finish the look. She placed light make-up. It was never her thing to wear make-up but since her work calls for it, she has to put just a bit of blush on and light -- very light - foundation. She then started putting eyeliner to emphasize her green eyes, and she grabbed her keys and her bag. She walked to her car and drove to the court just a few blocks away from their residence. The traffic wasn't as heavy as she expected. A light traffic for a Monday morning. A good sign of a good day. She arrived at the court 15 minutes earlier than she needed to be there and parked at her favorite part. It's one of the few parking spaces where it is easy to park, near the building and has some shade from a tree nearby. Another good sign. This case is gonna be easy. She went down from her car, grabbed her purse, her client's folders and her keys and made her way to the building. As she was crossing the parking lot, she did not see a red car coming in really fast. She stumbled over as the car came to a stop, nearly hitting her. She stood up and started to pick the papers from her folder that flew when she stumbled.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?! Are you trying to kill yourself or something?!"

"What the hell?! Were you trying to kill me?!"

"Move aside, bitch."


She moved aside, letting the words sink in. Don't. Freaking. Let. The. Asshole. Ruin. Your. Perfect day. She glided her way to the building, cautious of the street. She got to the courtroom where she saw her client.

"Good morning Mrs. Smith."

"Becky. Good morning Atty. Masterson."

"Zoey, please.

"Right, Atty. Zoey."

"Here are the papers that we'll be needing today."

Just when Becky was reading through the papers, the door opened with a bang, and came barging in Jason Wood, Becky's former driver of 8 years, and the attorney. Zoey did not mind looking back to avoid eye contact and avoid 'friction' but when she started talking to Becky...

"Good morrow, Mrs. Becky Smith. How are the good old days rollin?"

Zoey raised an eyebrow then looked back. Must be Jason Wood. She looked from Jason to Becky and saw the anger in her eyes. Jason is the suspect to her husband's death, Leo Smith. Becky and Leo had been together since 16 years old, and they've know each other since birth. That, at least, makes Zoey really care about this case. Zoey's parents were like them. They were old, and they've known each other since forever, and her dad died in an 'accident.'

The judge called the court to order as soon as everyone was settled. First hearing for the murder of the town's richest businessman, the courtroom was full of people curious of what will happen with this case. Also, Zoey is facing the new attorney in town. They were both known for never losing a case and now, they are the best attorneys in their state.

When the attorney, Attorney Cartwright as the judge calls him, was questioning Zoey's witness, Zoey felt that the voice was familiar. The asshole. She tried to focus on the hearing, but her anger is coming upon her. A lot of times she was told by the judge that her question was out of line and soon, the judge called the hearing adjourned. The first hearing went well for Zoey and Becky, at least that's what she thought.

"Attorney Masterson?"

Zoey was making her way to the door when a familiar voice called her. She signalled Becky to go ahead, and turned to see who called her.

"I'm Attorney Cartwright."

"Or so I heard. What do you need?"

"and you are?," as if not minding Zoey's question.

"Attorney Masterson. You just called me, right?"

"No I mean, your first name."

"Zoey. You know what, I really have to go." Zoey sanpped and continued walking.

"Zoey, look, I was sorry for almost running over you. I hope this case turns great!"

Ugh what an ass. How can he say sorry just like that and tell me this case turns great? Zoey got in her car and started driving to her firm. There, her secretary gave her a handful of folders and a boquet of flower for her nth stalker. Blue roses. Artificial. Zoey gave the flowers to her secretary to put it in a vase. She went to her office and faced another tower of folders for the entire day.

She drove herself home and took a shower. She grabbed her notebook and scribbled.

It had been a long day, dad. I was almost ran over, and he was actually the attorney of the other party. Fate has all its joke, right? And I had another boquet from my nth stranger, how is that? This day was not entirely good, though not entirely bad. But I hadto admit that asshole I met in the court...


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