Dragon Ball Z:The Story of Kyasu page 6

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So Vegeta rushes towards Sephtis and is about to punch him when suddenly, Sephtis disappears. "Where did he go", he asked. Suddenly, Sephtis comes behind him and kicks him in back sending him flying into debris. Vegeta gets up, "You worthless scum", and he fires a Galick Gun directly at him. Smoke rose and Vegeta thinks he won, and Sephtis walks towards him unscratched. "Is that the best you can do, and I thought you were the Prince of Saiyans, he laughed. Vegeta enraged, " I am the Prince of Saiyans, and I'll prove it he yelled, and he starts powering up, and he starts to interest Sephtis. And Vegeta powers up into a Super Saiyan 4. "So, how do like me now" asked Vegeta. And Vegeta rushes towards him and starts throwing punches and flurries of kicks at him injuring Sephtis. "Come on is that the best you can do, come on weakling, where's all that that talk at?" Sephtis looks at Vegeta and throws a ki blast at him, and misses. Vegeta looks at him and says, "Your aim is lousy, what were you throwing at?" Sephtis looks at him and said it wasn't for you, I sense ki that is similar to yours and he spreads the ki blast out and over there heads. "What did he mean by that, asked Krillin. And then suddenly more ki was gone, but it wasn't on any city, no, it was on Kami's Lookout. For Sephtis had killed everyone on Kami's Lookout in a blink of an eye. Vegeta relizes what Sephtis has done, and is angered even more, "So you think that you are going to get away with killing my wife and daughter and everyone else o Kami's Lookout, think again", he flies in the air and holds his hand out in a 90 degree angle, and tells everyone to stand back. Then he says, "I'll show you one of my favorite techniques, BIG BANG ATTACK!!

And he fires it directly at Sephtis. Sephtis then puts he hand in the air and absorbed the attack. "What", says Vegeta. Sephtis says, thanks, for I needed that power and he charges towards Vegeta, and knees him in the gut, and fires a ki blast at him. Goku then rushes to Vegeta, and says that he'll take it from here. Goku stares coldly at Sephtis and tell him that he is going to make him pay.

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