Operation get Melanie

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Bree's POV

The next day we planned to go to Mel's house. "And if you can't go, Bree will put on the invisibility cloak and Chase and I will be in the lab directing the mission." Davenport finished. It was Saturday. "But, Mr. Davenport. What if I can't do it?" I said, worried. Adam smiled and put a hand on my shoulder. "You can do it." He said. "But what if I can't?" Everyone stopped. "Then you can't?" Leo said. I rolled my eyes. "Plus, she didn't respond yet. Maybe we will be able to go over." Chase shrugged.

Melanie's POV

My thumbs were hovering over my phone keyboard. Adam, Bree, and Chase might be able to come over, but won't things get weird? I mean, they know Douglas. Maybe. I responded:

I wood luv 4 u to come over, but we r busy. Sry!

Biggest. Lie. Ever. Marcus was in the kitchen, and I didn't even know what dad was doing. I was laying on the couch staring at the celling, I think the TV was on.

Bree's POV

"No!" I said. Everyone looked at me. "Uh, looks like we're going with plan B." I sighed. We got ready. Adam, Chase, and I were in the mission prepare room. You know, behind those doors near the rock wall. I was biting my lip, something I did when I was nervous. "Hey, don't be nervous." Chase said. "But I am." Mr. Davenport was on the com set, already ready. He was just waiting for me to leave. "Bree, you can do this." He said. "Mr. Davenport, I can't. I need help!" I said. "Chase and I will be in the com set." Adam out his arm on my shoulder. "Why can't Chase do it? He made Mel run away." Oh, god. What did I just say? I looked at Chase. I could tell he was hurt. I said, "Chase, I'm so sorry. I did-" he ran away. I took the com set of and threw it in the ground. I follows him into the lab. "Chase!" I said. "Davenport, can we postpone this?" My big sister side was coming out. He nodded. I finally found Chase huddled in a corner in the garage. "Chasey, I know you're in here." I said. "Maybe." I went to go set beside him. I hugged him. "I'm so so so so soooo sorry. I didn't mean anything to make you feel bad. I love you, your my little brother." "I love you too. And it's okay." "Good." I stood up and held my hand out. He grabbed it and stood up. I smiled at him. Again, Mr. Davenport was smiling at me. "What?" I asked. He shook his head. What's wrong with him in the last five years?

Chase's POV

I know Bree didn't mean what she said, but I was still slightly mad at her. When we were leaving the garage, Davenport smiled at Bree. He smiled exactly like that when... you know. "Bree, why was Mr. Davenport smiling at you?" I asked when he was out of ear-shot. "Who knows." she said. Bree put her arm around me. "He does." "Shut up." "Kay." Bree laughed. I just rolled my eyes.

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