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Kayden ran next to me and said, " Please Paige, I love you. please let me help." I stopped, I can't take being alone anymore. I'm going to let him help even though I am scared.

"Paige what happened?... W-Why Did you do this to yourself?" Saying while catching his breath and holding my wrist. "I don't know, I was done feeling sad and no one was responding to my text. So I got scared and didn't want to feel sad and hurt anymore... I'm so so sorry Kayden." He hugged me tight and said, "Paige I love you with all of my heart, I understand why you did it... and I will never not be there ever again."

I looked up from his shoulder and started crying again. "Paige..." Kayden said while looking at me "Yes?.." I can barely say and I look up at him. He kissed me... I feel like I disappointed him so much. I never wanted to hurt or disappoint him or anyone. "Should we tell Lizzy or Angelina?" he asked with concern and love in his voice. "Yes... but I can't, I'm scared that I have or will disappointed everyone or hurt everyone." I start to feel light headed thinking more and more about having to tell them and knowing that I've hurt the one I love. I start to fall still in Kaydens arms, I hear his voice saying, "I'm not disappointed in you, I love you so much. please wake up." he starts to cry. He lays me in the sand and runs to the car but by the time he's out of sight I pass out.

-----Kaydens pov-----

(New point of view this is a first)

I run to pages moms car to get her mom, Mrs. Kate. She and I run back to Paige, she grabs her shoulders and I get her legs we bolt to the car and lay her down on the backseat with her head on my lap.

Mrs. Kate speeds to the hospital while I start to pet Paiges hair out of nervousness. I text my mom what's happening and I tell Lizzy and Angelina to go to the hospital asap. finally we make there and people rush out to get her. it was all a blur I sit outside the room where Paige is and even though it was only around 9 I start to drift to sleep until 5 minutes later Lizzy walks in and I tell her what happened. we just sit there in silence just waiting for Angelina or the doctor. Finally the doctor comes out. He says "she passed out because of blood loss and starvation" starvation? really I would never think that she would starve herself. I guess it makes sense since I never saw her eat... ever. God what would I give to hold her right now.

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