Tylers P.O.V

Maybe it was the way he stared at the diary then me.

His face was pale yet blushed with red.

His plump lips opened.

"I...." he says

I stared at him.

"I knew it." he finished.

His eyes looked at Dylan.

"Knew what?" Dylan mummbled.

"I knew that you would have found it, and ran it right to Tyler." he said sounding pissed.

Maybe it was the way he paced with his head down, and his faced turned redder. But he looked extremely sexy.

"Troye." i mummble sounding raspy.

I knew that i wasnt doing well. And that it was going to happen soon.

"What?" he says looking at me.

I raise out my hand to signal him to come closer.

Troye grabbed my hand.

"Listen, dont be mad at Dylan." i say.

He looked at me confused.

"Your words were the most sweetest things i ever heard." I says kissing him on the cheek.

Troye went to look at Dylan but he wasnt there.

"Hey, lay down with me." i said.


Two hours later me and Troye were still in a spooning formation and were talking and laughing.

Our conversations went from ice cream to recarnation to everything.

Then he turned to look at me.

"Tyler, when i first met you-" he got cut off by Dylan.

"Okay lovers, i gave you the whole day. You need to get back to the clinic before i get fired."

Troyes face filled with depression.

He looked at me.

He didnt say anything.

All he did was put his hand on my face and moved his lips onto mine.

His soft moist lips made me feel content.

When he released his i felt a spark in my heart that i never felt.

He smiled.

"I love you."

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