Part 2

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This is Part two of bullied.

I'm so proud of moments, if you haven't read it, go give it a read. It's a Niall Horan Fanfic.

Keep Smiling.

-Zoe xox


Arianas POV
Harry walks over smirking and goes into pipers face.
"Haz, back off." I say sternly.
"Make me Ari."
"Don't worry. You know I will."
He laughs and walks away.
"Piper, I will not let him hurt you, I promise."
"Thanks Ari."
"Now, come on. What do you have first?"
"Alright, is anyone in your class?"
"Urm, no I don't think so. "
"Alright, I have Art, Haz is in my class and don't worry. He won't hurt you. Not if your best friend has anything to do with it."
"Thanks Ari."

A few minutes later we headed to our classes. I walk piper to her class. And I head down to art. I catch Harry at the corner off my eye, he smiles.
"Dick." I mutter loud enough for him to hear.
He doesn't answer, and we head into the class.

We got told we have a seating plan, and guess who I sit next to?

Harry Styles.


What a dick.

"Now, class, the people you sit next to, you will be doing a project on. I want you to involve some photography. And video, if you have to, however, it can be on anything you want. But I don't want to sit and listen to a talk that bores me and the class. So just pick something decent? Alright?" The teacher says.

She's the bomb! Honestly. She sits and let's us do what we want. She actually loves me!

"So,dick am I?" Harry says.
"That you want, right?"
"Shut up. Just what are we gonna do? What about a boyband?" I say to intentionally piss him off.
"Or a decent band like the white stripes? Or black sabbath?"
"You like them bands?! I love their music!! Piper hates it, well not hates it, it's just not her thing you know?"
"Yeah.. So the white stripes yeah?"
"Yeah alright."

He actually likes those bands? Maybe he's not that bad?

"Miss, do you mind if we start to do some research? We've chosen the white stripes." I say to the teacher.
"That's fine. Ariana, watch Harry okay? He's not himself? He's got a lot on just now, so watch him yeah?"
"Of course."

What could possibly go wrong(!)

We walk out the class and as soon as I close the door Harry grabs my waist and pins me onto the wall.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this." He says smirking.

At that very moment, he crashes his lips onto mines.

I shouldn't say this, but it feels amazing...

Piper is going to hate me..

I push him off, and look down.
"Did I do something?" He asks, like he is generally concerned.
"Hurt my best friend."
"Look, she's a total loser. What has she ever done for you?"
"Shut up."
"What if, we just don't tell anyone about this?"
"Urgh, deal."
"Don't moan just yet, saving something like that for later."
"I don't think so, mr styles."

I say and walk off. I feel him staring at my ass, and I kinda like it..

Shit.. What if I'm falling for him?..

I can't.

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