Lost // Bastille ( fan fic )

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(YOUR P.O.V.) 


I woke up in the middle of the night,screaming and crying.There's something in my head is telling me Run Rachel,Run away from everything.The voices in my head are getting louder and louder,they won.I grab my backpack put some stuff in there and run.I don't know where i'm going.A few minutes later i find myself at the edge of a forest and i break down in tears,i start screaming my lungs out.

After an hour or two i kinda calmed down,i don't know where i am,i lost my path,i don't know how to go back.

It's getting really cold so i grab the lighter out of my backpack to warm myself up a little.I get up and try to figure out where i am,but i don't know this place.I break down in tears again and i scream for help.After a few minutes i see a car passing by,no,its a bus.I see a little blurry because of my tears.I see 4 guys jumping out of it.What if they want to rape me?Who are they?But i can't move,i'm too weak.I see one guy running towards me,he's wearing black jeans,a black shirt and a grey hoodie.I feel like passing out but he catches me just at the right moment.


I woke up on a little sofa wrapped in someone's arms.I pull back fast and see 4 guys looking at me,the one who catched me and 3 others.

"Hello beautiful,i'm Dan" said the guy who catched me and who held me when i was asleep.I try to say something but i'm too shocked,where am i?

"W-where am i-i?" I whisper.

"When we were passing by yesterday we saw you crying screaming and running around at the edge of a forest,you felt weak and just at the right time i could catch you and i brought you in here" Dan said while smiling,he has a beautiful smile and those piercing blue eyes.I can't even focuse on what he said to me i just kept staring in his eyes.

He sees i'm still shocked so he introduses me to the rest of the boys Kyle,Woody and Will.Wait,what?Dan,kyle,woody,will...

"You guys are bastille!" I screamed out bursting out in tears and wrapping my arms around dan his neck.He grabs me by my waist.

"You saved my life..."i whisper in his eyes while i'm still crying.Bastille is my fave band,Dan Kyle Woody and Will,are my idols. "Don't cry,everything is gonna be alright" he says while rubbing my back. I let go and hug all the other guys.

"Lay down a little,you are getting really weak,i'm gonna get some food and something to drink" Dan said and he came back with noodles and tea,he was so caring.I started eating like crazy,i was so hungry.Dan laughed at me he pulled my hair out of my face and asked "So whats your name sweetheart?"


"That's a beautiful name" he said and he smiled at me with dimples showing up on his face.He is so cute.The rest of the band is gone they are getting things ready and Dan brought me some fresh clothes because mine were wet and dirty.

"Thank you" i said softly and when he left i putted the fresh clothes on,they were too big for me i was so small and tiny,i could swim in his shirt but it felt so nice to be treated like this by your idol.When Dan is back he looks kinda serious,he sits down next to me an grabs my hands and asks me what happend.

"I hear voices in my head,i hear screaming,and yesterday the voices became really loud and they kept saying Run,run away from here and then i found myself in a forest i didn't know where i was." I broke down in tears again and Dan had pulled me so close and kissed my forehead saying i will be alright.

"Don't cry,lets do something to cheer you up"he said smiling and he gave me a kiss on my cheeck.Then he ran away.

He came back with some hot choclate and we were just talking about his music and stuff.When i was doing my hair in a messy bun i had to lift up my arm and my brancelets rolled down.I cut.I rolled them back up making sure Dan wouldn't see it.Too late.He grabbed my wrist and i saw his eyes tearing up when he rolled up my brancelets.He kissed the scars,every single one of them.

"Promise you won't do it again" he said and he was crying so hard that u heard his voice breaking.

I stood up and locked myself up in a little room in the tourbus.Dan ran after me and he kept knocking at the door and the tears starting to fall down my face.After a time i stopped hearing the knocking.

After a few hours we were at the place where the gig was gonna be.I slowly opened up the door and Dan was standing there when he saw me he hugged me so thight and kissed my forehead.Without saying a thing he grabbed my hand and we two walked to the place where the gig was gonna be.Wow.It looks so damn amazing,the place is so big,its sold out.

"Dan,what am i gonna do durning the show?I don't have tickets you know..."i whispered.

"You don't need ones you can stay backstage and enjoy the show there"he said and smiled.

"Great idea" i said and smiled,Dan had to make himself ready so ihad to do something on my own.You were walking on and off the stage,when u saw the little keyboard you couldn't hold back and u started playing Overjoyed and you sang along.Suddenly i heard applause i turned around and the guys were standing there,i swear i got red as a tomato.

"Wow Rachel your so good at it" Dan said and he grabbed me by my waist,i just smiled back.

The gig is starting in 10 and the place is full of people and im sitting there backstage.The show starts he sings amazing songs and im enjoying it.After the show there is no meeting fans because the show ended really late and we had to go to the bus.

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