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A twenty year old guy while living on my own. Working as an assistant digital designer in Shaverona Digital Industry.

"Do you already finishing it?" Robert speaking at my back. I'm front of the computer editing a video for tomorrow presentation.

"Not yet. Effects are not totally good enough." I replied while still doing it.

"Are you sure? I think its fine!" looking nearer of the monitor.

"Yah! definitely."

"Do you already consult Van about this?" That's the point; Van (Digital Designer, Head) is not here.

"Not yet. His out of the country for a few months."

"Really?! Then, you should really have to examine it a more times."

"Yes, so you should have done anything right?" I stop editing and look at him with a sign that he disturbing me.

"Ok fine, I'll go then. Good luck!" he taps me on my shoulder and goes afterwards.

Many hours pass after I finished what I was doing. This is my hard and boring routine every day of my life. I don't have any vehicles like my co-workers. Don't have at least a bike or money to spend for riding in terminal so I always do walking in going house besides it is easy to go there. I need to hoard my money for everyday expenses like my foods and rent of the apartment. Paying bills every month and lots of debt to my friends.

While I still walking on the third street before my apartment, someone does stupid on my head.

"Fuck! Whoever you are." that hurts. Someone throws a hard thing. I think it is intentional. I'm massaging my head then I look to the floor and found a doll. I get it and see how it was disgusting. Too dirty so I choose to drop it and continue to walk. I don't have time to make shit for those people doing nonsense things; I'm tired and exhausted.

I shut the door and throw my bag on the sofa. I lay my body and close my eyes.

Dreaming state:

"You’re my princess from now on." touching the face of a lovely woman.

"I'm thankful I have you my love." were looking to each other's eyes.

She puts her head in my shoulder then after awhile I notice she was already sleeping. I lay her down; put my jacket around her for I don't want her to feel cold. Parting her hair to see how perfectly her face was.

"You're everything to me." still glaring at her beautiful face then I smile blissfully.

The next followed. Not the brightness and heat of the sun what I was able to aware of but a shadow that standing on my front. I knew someone is staring at me. I just can't see because my eyes were blurred then suddenly...

End of dreaming state

*Answer the phone! Answer the phone! ...

Damn, I hate it. Who's that thing??? I stand up and take my phone on my bag.

"Good morning sir. Someone brought you a gift. E..." a girl speaking

"Damn. You disturb me in this kind of hour then it just because of that shitty gift. Stop calling this line ok." I drop the call and take a few minutes to sleep again before six o'clock came.

Few minutes but I can't sleep. I'm just repeating the cycle in turning left and right. That gift really does disturb my dreaming state. Wait, I'm curious who that beautiful lady I dreamt of is. So I go to the bathroom and take the flash of water took on my body.

Everything seems strange; the doll, the gift, and especially the dream. But I don't think they're all connected. After taking a bath, I just get the glass Tupperware on the refrigerator then put it on the oven to warms the food I will take before going to work.  

        While I'm dressing up, someone knock the door.

"Wait! Give me a minute." I'm fixing my necktie that time. Go to the door and open it. I look to the left but I can't see anything, to the right but it was the same. I step on my feet then I felt something on the floor. I look then found a doll. I get it I yesterday happening flashback.

"This is the doll being hit on my head yesterday." my eyebrow converge and the middle turn to pucker.

"Who is really that someone? That someone who brought you to me." I lock the door and put the doll on my drawer.

        I continue to fix myself then eat afterwards. Looking through movement of the clock and fasten what I was doing.

"Sucks, I need to run this time." get my bag on the sofa and lock my apartment. I run fast I as could.

        I hope I could come to the office on the exact time. That doll never loose in my head. The face of the doll seems familiar. I don't know but my heart keeps beating faster that it should. I don't if it was because I running or because of what I'm thinking.

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