- with the girls before bed -

Shay: let's all wear our superhero pj's

Everyone/Shay: okay

Outfits: Shay: Batman crop top with batman booty shorts and no socks with black nail polish and hair in natural curly pig tails

Mimi: superman crop top with superman booty shorts no socks with red nail polish and natural curly hair in side pointy tail

Lily: spiderman crop top with blue booty shorts and no socks with blue nail polish and white girl pointy tail that's straight

Y/n: has on iron man crop top with red booty shorts and no socks with gold nail polish and curly white girl pointy tail

- everyone in living room -

Lily: let's have a movie night

Mimi: I don't wanna watch movies

Y/n: then let's just set up the living room like we're having a movie night

Everyone/ Y/n: okay

*they get blankets, pillows, popcorn, candy, chips, and soda then set it all up in the living room*

Shay: okay so now let's talk about what happened at the carnival with our "boyd" *grabs some popcorn*.lily you go first *eats popcorn*

Lily: okay so first we want to that squirt game that shoots water out of the guns and we played then roc was winning so I started squirting him with the water from the gun and he started squirting me with his and she banned us I flicked her off and told her to suck my di-- then roc pulled me away

*everyone laughs*

*lily finishes her story about what her and roc did at the carnival*

Lily: now y/n go

Y/n: well first we went to the spiderman ride then we went to the food stand and this girl was getting on my nerves flirting with prod and shit then she kept giving me stank looks I was bout to whoop ha *finished her story about what happened at the carnival with her and prod* then we went to the cartoon artist who drew that *points to canvas leaning on the wall* now shsy go

Shay: well we went to the adrenaline first then we went to the haunted house which was actually really creepy ray kept screaming like a little girl

Lily: omg same with roc!

Shay: I know talking bout he gon protect me that was the funny part *finishes telling about what happened at the carnival with her and ray* then last we went to the food stand where that girl was acting super ratchet she got vussed out by shit I thought I was ganna have to whoop a tramps ass right then

Y/n: so she didn't just give me the stank look

Mimi, Lily, Shay: HELL NAW! I was bout to whoop ha ass

*they all laugh*

Shay: okay Mimi your turn

Mimi: I'm just ganna skip to the end now y'all are listening right

Y/n, Shay, and Lily: yea .

Miki: *pause* we kissed

Shay: omg you did

Mimi: yep

Lily: so how did it all go down

Mimi: well he asked if I liked him and said maybe then said do you like me and he said maybe then I said do you really wanna know and he said more than anything so I kissed him and he kissed back

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