Chapter XI- Blinded by the Light

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I watch the boys leave in their Impala through my window, wondering where they're going at 1 in the morning.

In a flash I begin to pack up all of my belongings. I wasn't sure why I had the sudden urge to leave. It had nothing to do with the boys, or the case, only myself. There was just this little nagging feeling that it would be best for me to go back home.

**Sam's POV**:

(A few hours later)

Dean takes a deep breath, clearly furious.

"Layla's gone," he says, visibly shaking.

"What?" I ask, in shock. I wasn't going to lie, it hurt that she kept running away from us. It was starting to get kind of annoying, also.

"You heard me. Let's go get her," he says, picking up his never-emptied duffle bag.

"Dean, let's just leave her alone," I say, putting my hands behind my head to stretch. I'd only been asleep for about 5 minutes.

"You want to now? I thought you liked her," Dean says, his face red.

"Yeah, I do." I say and he raises his eyebrows.

"As in..." He wiggles his eyebrows.

"Yes, Dean. I like her in that way." I say and he visibly gets annoyed.

"Then why would you want to leave her on her own?" He says, raising his voice.

"Because she clearly doesn't want our help!" I say, raising mine too.

"That's no reason to leave her unprotected! Do you even remember that night after we met her when she got taken in by that vamp?" He says, and I wasn't fully sure as to why he was getting this angry.

"She's trained now. She's not some maiden in distress who needs our help all the time." I stand, but he doesn't back down.

"She's out there all alone, Sam. I can't do that to her." He says, his voice calm. I sit back down, in full understanding.

"You like her, too?" I say, and he widens his eyes like I've insulted him.

"What? No, she's just a kid." He says, looking around the room uncomfortably.

"Look," Dean says after a long pause. "If you're coming, then come. But if not, be my guest and stay here." He looks at me, an expression on his face I couldn't identify. It was almost a mix between anger and sadness.

"Fine." I say, "but we'd better call Bobby first to see if he knows where she is."


I pull up out front of my old house, then turn off me car and sit for a minute. In the front yard there's a "for sale" sign, and I wondered if they'll ever sell this house after the gruesome murder that happened here. Maybe in a few years the story will fade away.

Bobby had already told me that no one suspected me, I was too hurt at the time to follow the news stories. The news cast had said that I may have been kidnapped by the murderer, and I'd never called to tell them anything.

Besides the 'for sale' sign, nothing was different. I slide out of my car, walking slowly up to the front door. I had kept a key, so I tried using it, but they must have changed the locks on the door. I look around to make sure that I'm not being watched, and I pick the lock after I make sure that the coast is clear.

Once opened, I walk inside and close the door behind me, looking around and seeing all my old furniture still here, covered by white sheets to keep from collecting dust.

It all looked the same, though. I keep walking, looking for a second around my old room. I touch everything, and although everything was cleaned, the house still smells the same, like my parents.

I leave my room, making my way around the house. I look down the hall to my parent's closed bedroom. I make my way down the hallway, a strange feeling making me scared.
I let my hand linger on the doorknob before pushing it open. There was a new carpet. That was the only difference.

I run to my parents bed and quickly throw the blanket over me. I felt like I was five again. I lay, with my head in the soft pillows and my body covered in the cozy white bedding. I would have nightmares a lot and would always run to this bed and squeeze in between my parents. I close my eyes and fall

•\Bobby's POV/•:

I was washing some dishes, something I didn't do too often. One of my many phones rang and I spun around to grab it off the hook.

"Hello," I ask, and know who it is automatically.

"Bobby, we've got a problem," Dean says and he sounded pissed as hell.

"Well, what is it?" I ask, and already know the answer. Something about Layla.

"Layla, once again, has vanished." Dean says and I could tell he had his teeth clenching.

"Why don't you idjets just let her be, she obviously wants to be alone," I ask with a smile on my face.

"Jeez, Bobby. You and Sam both." Dean complains. I laugh, but, I do know where she is.

"So you want to know where she's run off to?" I ask, grabbing an orange soda out of the fridge.

"Kinda," Dean says, growing impatient. I huff, then give them the address.

"Pretty soon you boys will have to learn to leave her be." I say, then hang up. Damn idjets.

^-Layla's POV-^:

I'm awoken to the feeling of someone's hand on my shoulder. It spreads a warm feeling through out my body, making me feel bright. I open my eyes and look into the face of an old friend.

"Mrs. Moffett?" I ask, blinking wildly. She nods and sits on the bed besides me. Mrs. Moffett used to babysit me until I became 13. After that it was just regular visits and random checkups.

"I saw you come in, sweet girl." She says, rubbing my hair. I can't help it, I begin to cry.

"I miss my mom and dad," I say, weeping into the pillow. I hold it tightly, breathing in the fading smell of my parents.

"I know, dear, I know." She says, and removes her arm from my shoulder. The fuzzy feeling goes away. There's something different about her, I can't put my finger on it. I wipe my eyes and squint. She seems to be glowing, like there's sunlight reflecting off of her.

"Are you okay Mrs. Moffett?" I ask, pulling the blankets down to get a better look. She's literally glowing, like she has a flashlight inside if her.

"Well, honey. There's something I've never told you." She pauses and smiles brightly. "I'm your guardian angel. I've been watching over you your whole life," she says.

"What?" I ask, and she smiles.

"I was sent before you were born, I've been meaning to give you a message." She says soothingly.

"What is it?" I ask, widening my eyes.

"That box of yours is very important, I know where you can find it." She says, and I sit up.

"Where? Tell me, please." I plea. She nods with her eyes closed.

"I can only show you inside of your head. There, I will imprint a map which you will be able to recall perfectly, understand? I cannot show you any other way, so that no one can follow you." She says, sticking out a hand, still holding her eyes shut. Her hand begins to shine brighter the closer it gets to me. Her glowing hand makes contact with my forehead, and suddenly I am shown a map. It leads me to an abandoned building that is grey and big, it looks empty, so I don't understand it's importance.

When she retracts her hand the image is gone, but I am still able to remember how to get there and exactly what it is.

"Remember," she whispers, leaning in close, "it would do you well to keep the Winchester boys close." And with that she rests my head on the pillow. I hear a voice whisper, "I will always be with you," then, I am greeted with sweet dreams and a deep sleep.

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