chapter 10

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Angels POV.

niall goes to walk towards me but I cower in fear. realization flashes in his eyes.

"angel I'm not going to hurt you...please don't be scared of me." he says while telling zayn to move. zayn is weary, but does as told.

"lads me and angel need to talk." Niall says while keeping eye contact with me. the boys leave me and Niall.

he takes a step towards me, and I take a step back. this repeats till I hit the wall.

his body is pressed to mine. I look down not wanting to look into his eyes.

I feel his fingers slip under my chin and my face is pulled up to look at his. I feel him wipe under my eyes with the pads of his thumbs. of course I was crying, the breakup and all of that fighting just killed me.

"please don't cry angel. I'm sorry I did this...I really am." he says looking into my eyes.

I don't respond.

"please talk to me princess...please." I can hear Niall voice crack with each word.

I look him in the eyes. "thank you Niall. you have treated me as I should be treated, you never laid a finger on me, nor have you said one mean thing to me. I don't know why I went for harry...cause honestly, I like you more...and even though I will still need the to get over harry, I will give you one chance and one chance only!" I say while I wrap my arms under his shoulders and cling to him.

he pulls away and looks at me.

"he's sleeping on the bus for the rest of out time here love so don't worry." Niall says and takes me to my room.

as we get in the room I sigh. "he told me he would never hurt me...he told me how he was done being a player and that he wanted to be with me...why am I always getting hurt. I mean is it that I like the players or is just that I'm so stu-" I was cut off by Niall lips on mine. damn I feel like a whore but it feels so right.

"don't you ever call yourself stupid angel. he has always been a player...if he changes then hell would freeze over. but this is a promise I will keep for my whole life angel, I will try my hardest to be good to you to tell you each day how beautiful you are and how you make my day better because all of that's true. I can walk into the same room as you and instantly be happy. but I know you need time to get over harry and all but if you gave me the chance I would love to make you my princess..." Niall says.

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