Who are they?

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Awhile ago my dad told me we were meeting someone really important but didn't told me with who it was. I woke up early, showered and got dressed. A simple black dress with black heels and some makeup. My hair is naturally straight so I did nothing with it. By the time I got down stairs my dad was already there and ready to go. (my dad's name is Troy Austin, I forgot to tell you)

«Ready to go sweetheart?» He asked me somehow nervous. He looked really weird today, something is up with him, I can tell.

« Yup. Let's go!» I said forgetting about that. I was nervous about lunch so I was probably imagining things. We got to the car and he was very quiet, like he was the all ride to the restaurant.

«Why are we going by the way??» He still hasn't told me why we're going and who we are going to meet.

«You'll see.» he drove for about half an hour. My dad pulled over at a fancy restaurant. Thit was amazing!

«Why are we here dad?» I was getting pised and I knew my dad could see that so why wasn't he telling me anything? What's with the mistery?

«Just wait sweetheart...»

We got into the restaurant and walked to a table where there were already a man and a woman. The woman was probably in her early forties and the the guy appear to be in his 20's. When we got to the table they instantly got up.

«Hi my name is Johannah and this is my son Louis.» Well at least I wasn't the only one nervous in here, Johannah was shaking, I could see that, clearly.

«Hi!» Louis spoke, he seemed shy but I couldn't understand why. There is something really wrong going on here and I knew that guy's face from somewhere but didn't know where.

«Hi. I'm Char.»

«We know who you are...» Johannah spoke, this is getting more and more awkward.

We sat down and ordered. No one talked for awhile. My dad was the one who broke the silence.

«Charlotte, we need to talk.»My dad broke the silence. I knew that what he was going to tell me was important, his tone was serious. Probably this lady was his girlfriend and he was worried about what I would think «Your mom...» or probably not. Was he seriously, was he going to talk about her now?? «she's well. We were getting a divorce when she got pregnant and we decided to wait until you were born, and when you did, we went to separate ways. I kept you and she... she kept your brother, Louis» What? He's been lying to me my whole life! How could he not tell me something like that? I have a brother?

«What? » my dad could tell that I was beyond disappointed and furious "Every time I asked you about her you would never say anything and now you brought me to meet her without even telling me? That's just low dad!" and I did the only thing I thought was sane and got the hell out of here.

«Sweetheart, I'm sorry.» I heard my dad scream.

Hi guys, I hope you're liking it. What do you think that Char's dad will do? Comment and vote. xx

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