Chapter 2

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        I then realized what my wolf was trying to say to me, she was yelling "MATE." I froze this was the day I was dreading. I didn't want a mate, well not right now. "If we accept him then he's gonna keep us tied down and not let us go", I told my wolf.

My wolf whimpered, but nodded.


    "We need to get revenge first, and then we can go back to our mate", I continued, "ok" and with that said she blocked me out not wanting to feel the pain of her mate.

So I have two opitions: 1) I run and try to cross the border and maybe be cuaght, or 2) I tell the others that I smell rouges in the North so they can leave us alone, and then reject him and let him suffer in pain then make a run for it.

    Yeah, I think  the second one. I was so into thought I didn't realize he took a couple stepes closer to me and when I looked into his eyes they where filled with many emotions. There was love, longing, adoration, and lust. I couldn't look at him, so I took a good 15 steps back. Then when I look up at him I saw hurt in his eyes, and when he was about to speak I cut him off by speaking up, "Rouges!!!" I yelled then the three wolves shifted into their wolf form. ( Kind of funny because I, myself am a rouge)

They look back at me questioningly asking where and I said," In the Northern border!" and with that said they took off. When they had left, the Alpha looked back at me questioningly I just sighed and told him, "I wanted to be alone with you for a while." He then smirks at me and says," You could've just asked you know", I wanted to roll my eyes at that but let it slide. I then ask him, " What's your name?" ,I say kindly. He smiles and says, "Jacob Holms. Why?" , "I wanted to know my mates name?", I say more like questioning. I sigh then look down, and when he was about to take a step closer I said, " I Angel Hernandez reject you Alpha Jacob Holms as my mate."

   And with that I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Just when I was about to cross the border I hear an ear piercing howl it was filled with hurt and longing for its mate. Then when I was about a foot away from the border I look back and say "Sorry", just above a whisper. Then took off sprinting through the woods to get on unclaimed territory


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