On The Bus

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Kay's P.O.V

Okay so i've just got out of a relationship with another dude and the one way i can get over him is to get with another dude but somebody i can relate to somebody i can talk to ...someone who understands me ,I know exactly who he is ...


((Phone rings))

Kay >>Hello ?....Im on the bus ,why ?? .....Alright i guess ,Wait

Tahniyah >>Whaa ??

Kay >>Wanna hang out with some friends today ??

Tahniyah >>Sure why not  .Around what time thoo ??

((Getting off bus kay is walking tahniyah half way home))

Kay >>Like Around 5:30 ,Okay ..

Tahniyah >>Yea thats cool ,Byee!

Ralph P.O.V

I really want a girlfriend but the only girl i've been flirting with is kay and she very hot she has long pretty hair a nice body shape with a little booty ,i can work with it ...but how and when will i let her know how i feel about her maybe ...

((Ralph is standing on the bus stop with his headphones in when he see from the coner on his eyes tahniyah standing there))

Tahniyah >>Umm ,Hae **Taps ralph on the shoulder**

Ralph >>**Takes one headphone out** Awe,Hey Wass up ??**Getting on bus**

Tahniyah >>Nun much ,Hey you know that girl from school with the long hair ??

Ralph >>**Laughs** Yea ,Kay ..What about her ??

Tahniyah >>I think she really likes you **Getting off bus**

((At the park ,and they both arive together .))

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