My stomach growled for food waking me up. I tried to muffle the sound by pulling a pillow down over it, pressing. I did not want to wake Lucas up. Not after what we did. I was now too embarrassed. What if he would never speak to me again. Highly unlikely but there is always that what if.

I turned slowly around in his arms and faced him. Those blue eyes hidden. What if I was not good enough for him, what if he broke up with me because I wasn't good enough. I mean we were at it for 20 minutes and everyone is talking about how teenage boys usually cum to fast. Lucas didn´t.

He stirred and his arm that was draped around my waist tight end. Great what am I supposed to do now. I was still hungry, but his arm cut off all of my ability of moving. Sometimes like this I think he or someone wants me dead. Keeping me from food is not good. I checked the watch that was on his wrist and it showed 05:20. Ohh god stomach what do you want from me. I thought after yet another grumble.

Weighing my options I slowly slided down from under Lucas arm and when I say slow I mean sloooooow. Once I was fully out of his bone crushing embrace I cursed as to why my side of the bed had to be pressed against a wall.

The only way of getting out of bed was to get over him as he was lying over the entire bed. I sometimes wonder how you could reach the height of 6'4 like Lucas did. Yes sure I was tall myself seeing as I was 5'9 but STILL.

Mustering up my courage I moved my left leg over his naked torso. This was so embarrassing seeing at the point of that both of us were completely naked after the activity of last night.

Thinking of that my already flushed and blushed face became a sick red. But I wouldn´t let it stop me. Now taking a blanket at the foot of the bed and wrapping it around me I continued with my quest.

Now I was straddling him. Memories from last night flooded in..


His hands roaming all over my body. I shivered under his touch. I loved what he could do to me and make me feel even through the smallest of touch.

I pushed him down on the bed and he sat down in the middle of it. He reached for my hand and grabbed it softly.

I was pulled to him and he put me in his lap. One leg at each side. I was straddling him, and it felt nice.

" Hold me " I said breathlessly. And he did. His hands went to my breasts and he held them tightly. I moaned in the pleasure. He massaged me through my thin shirt and my nipples harden profoundly. As I threw back my head he started to kiss my neck. He sucked ever so gently and bite me at a few places.

I moved my hips in a movement of heat and I could feel his manhood harden. I did it again and this time directed to his pleasure. He moaned and moved his hips against mine and I could feel his member against my hot core.....

End of flashback

I noticed that during my daydream I had become all hot and bothered and now I was fighting the urge to grind against Lucas groin. Snapping out of my horny daze I took over my right leg and gracefully jumped to the floor.

As my toes touched the hard wood I shivered. It was cold. As I looked up I saw why.

The big window on the other side of the room was cracked open, but only with an inch. A cool breeze fluttered in through it and it moved through the room filling it. The feeling was nice so I decided to leave it open for a bit more. The warm august sun´s light flowed in through the window and I stood like that for a couple seconds more before I was quick and soundless as I made my way to the kitchen. It was beautiful. The kitchen had a cream white colour theme and it was all wood. There was a kitchen island and stools around it. Big windows covered the east side and the white curtains were flowing with the flowing breezes that came from time to time.

My stomach seemed to notice that we were in a kitchen as it growled. Loud.

Laughing a little bit to myself of my stupid stomach I grabbed the vanilla yoghurt from the refrigerator and some muesli from the cabin to the right of the stove. I grabbed a cream coloured bowl with white polka dots and a spoon.

As I was to sit down on one of the bar stools a pain in my vaginal areas cut me off. I giggled when I thought about Lucas big member. Slowly this time I sat down. Moaning in delight of the sweetness I just put in my mouth I closed my eyes. This only intensified my orgasmic experience with my food, and I moaned louder.

Coming back from my akward moment I cleared my throat and looked around, and as I thought I was alone I let out a sigh of relief. But it was short lived as my eyes fell upon Lucas standing in the doorway with one arm against it. I let out a gasp at the look of him. His jet black hair was tusseled and messly sexy. His bare chest was at display and he had a pair of boxers that hung low on his hips showing off his v line. But it was his eyes and smirk that got to me. His piercing blue eyes watched me intensly and they seemed to have darkened a few shades. And that smirk melted me.

" Having fun " He asked, the corner of his eyes crinkling as he smiled at my blush.

" Indeed " I answered as  I pretended not to be embarrassed, but failing big time.

His smile now grown and he made his way to me. He only stopped once he was directly behind me. His arms sneaked around my waist and he nuzzled the crook of my neck. " I bet I can make you moan louder than that " He whispered his words muffled but I heard them.

" So, I was good ? " I asked nervously.

" What do you mean ? " He was clearly confused.

" I mean last night, it was my first time and I want to know if I pleased you. If I was good enough. It´s been bugging me all morning. "

He looked at me shocked, but then it was replaced with a big goofy smile. " Luna you were amazing. Never doubt yourself. And for the pleasing part. Yes you pleased me, more than any other ever has. Last night was the best night of my life and well-" He leaned in so his lips where just by my earlobe. "- If you let me than I will make this the best morning for both of us. " I blushed. My heart was swollen with emotions and love. I turned in my seat and placed myself so that he was between my legs.

" Take me. " I whispered into his ear and I noticed a shiver go down his spine and god I loved what I did to him.

He needed no further elaboration. He crashed his lips on mine. Hard. His hands were circling my waist and pulling me close and he was getting harder by the second. I placed my hands near his groin before letting them trail the path over his abs and up his chest before intertwining behind his neck.

His lips moved against mine in a frenzy before he pulled away and trailed bites and kisses down my neck. His hands moved up to where I had knotted together the blanket and he pulled it off. When I moaned I felt him smile against the skin on my neck. The warmth disappeared and I opened my eyes just to see him stand and taking in my body. His eyes roamed over every curve and every form, they stopped at my breast and it took a second before he took one in his hand and the others nipple in his mouth.

He sucked and stroked and I was going crazy. I felt myself getting more aroused by the second and by the way his boxers now looked tight I guessed he was to.

He let go of my breasts and pressed his body flush against mine, before taking me up by my ass and making me bind my legs around his waist. With a secure grip on my ass he walked towards the bedroom. I needed him so I started to grind myself against him but stopped as he pressed me against the bedroom door and growled in my ear. " If you don´t stop that now I won't make it to the bedroom. " His voice was husky in my ear and my arousal hit sky high.

Literally throwing the door of its original position he walked into the room with me tugged on his waist. Once we reached the bed he pushed my down on it and positioned himself between my legs once again and hovering over me. With one swift move his boxers where of and I could see him in all his glory. His member was huge and I just wanted him inside me.

He placed the tip by my entrance and without warning he slammed into me leaving me no time to adjust to his huge size. The pain rippled through me but even it felt like pleasure.

Let me just say that he held his promise and it was the best morning of my life, of both of us.

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