The Reckoning

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So why I'm currently walking though my sister's high school is questionable at best, my flight landed about an hour ago and I know Caroline is somewhere in the school because of this stupid prank night thing she's doing. It seems weird to me but I was raised in England, so maybe things are different here. Though you can only here my accent when I swear weird but anyway.

I don't know my round this school, at all which might explain how long it's taking me to find anyone, I thought the whole of senior year is supposed to be here? I haven't found anyone yet! Typical!

I then started to hear voices coming from the gym,

"He killed him." I recognized Matt's voice.

Followed by Elena's "He's not dead. Klaus's blood will turn him into a vampire." Right now I'm either going crazy, or misheard Elena. But I was pissed of by things I don't want to go into now, so I slammed open the gym doors.

I took a moment to look round the gym there was a blond girl who I've never seem before, looking unsurprised at my entrance, Tyler lying on the floor, unmoving, Matt next to him looking shocked at me, Bonnie next to him looking the same. Then I saw Elena, looking shocked like Matt and Bonnie.

"Charlotte wha- what are you doing here?" I rolled my eyes at that. I was still working on the what the hell was going on, Tyler still hadn't moved at all not that I cared about Tyler, but Caroline did.

It was then I heard a voice I had never heard before, "Hello, sweetheart." And a blond man was walking nearer, he was hot but me being me replied without thinking. "I'm no ones sweetheart" send him a nasty look, which by the way I'm good at.

Turning away from the man, I turned to Elena "Where's Caroline?" I knew the man was behind me probably trying to work out who I am.

He started talking again, "Well Caroline is on a bit of a break sweetheart."

I could feel my anger raising, but before I did anything but narrow by eyes Elena was talking. " Klaus she doesn't know anything leave her out of it."

And so before this Klaus replied to Elena I did completely pissed off now. "What don't I know Elena!" I spat at her I saw her pale, okay so you should probably know that I can be scary, but a was good at saying nasty things, and no one but probably my mum knowing if I mean it. But everyone here knows that physically I can't hurt a fly.

"Nothing." She replied quietly.

I laughed at that "Right, whatever Elena I've got a shit ton of unpacking to do. " I turned on my heel and started to walk out of the gym before I slammed into someone's chest, stumbling back slightly "the hell" I said before looking up at the person I knew wasn't there a second before. I looked at his face for the first time, seeing his smirk which was sexy as hell, my eyes locked with his, I watched as his eyes went from dark blue to gold and back to blue again. I wasn't scared shocked but not scared. The smirk had gone now I could see a faint smile on his lips.

"Your staying right here sweetheart." I narrowed my eyes at the nickname he had seemed to choose. But of course before I could comment he was talking to someone behind me.

"Go on then. Go and fetch your grimoires. And enchantments and what not. I'll hold on to Elena... For safe-keeping." I watched as Bonnie and Matt left the room after a nod from Elena. Klaus grabbed my wrist gently and dragged me toward Elena. I watch as the blond who I had no idea who was look at Elena then look at me surprised by something though I didn't know what.

"So this is the latest doppelgänger. The original one was much prettier." I watched as the blond was scaring Elena, though I couldn't bring myself to comment except to give Elena a questioning look which was ignored. I could still feel Klaus's hand wrapped round my wrist which sent electric shocks though my skin, it was pleasant and that scared me, something was going on and I want to know what. I don't do well being kept in the dark.

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