Chapter 3

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Isaac walks over to me hovering over and grabs hold of my wrists. He doesn't say anything. I don't understand what his problem is.

"Answer me! You've been crabby all of a sudden and I don't understand why. I'm letting you stay with me because I feel bad of the fact that you don't have anywhere to go. There shouldn't be any re-"

I'm cut as he presses his lips against mine.


His tongue slithers down my throat as moans slowly escape. Isaac slowly grips me tighter against his body. I can't escape.

"Isaac" I gasp.

He holds me tight and we fall back on the couch.

I can't control him or myself. No I have to try to release myself from him. I'm beginning to lose control and strength the more he kisses me swiftly.

My body feels weird. All of this. Everything feels so familiar. I cant explain it.

Isaac's movements feel....good I suppose. The feeling I'm getting send chills down my spine. I can't breathe. He's becoming a little rough and my mind is going blank. I'm falling. Fast. This is not good. I haven't known the guy fully and I'm beginning to fall.

"Isaac...stop" I breathe.

He now switches our positions. I'm under him and he pins me down with one hand. what has gotten into him so far? This is too much for me to handle.

"Katherine" he whispers softly. Realisation hitting him across the face, he let's go and I shove him off of me and run up staires.

Before I make it halfway up the steps, Isaac grabs hold of my waist and wraps me tight in his grasp.

"I'm sorry." he buries his head, nuzzling in my neck.

He lets go and leaves me be for the time being. The only thing I need to do is get some rest. It's been a long day so far and school starts tomorrow.

It's been almost three days since Isaac has stayed with me here and more and more each day I'm getting more confused. Does he know something I don't?

I walk back downstairs just to see what he is up to. 


He sits there on the couch, his head buried in his hands. Isaac looks like he's in pain.

I walk down slowly over to him and place my hands on his shoulders. He jolts then swats me away. Frustration takes over his emotions. I stand there watching him get up and almost knock over everything in his path.

"Isaac" I begin.

"Why?!" he shouts.

I walk over to him. This bad boy, raging over something I don't know about. He knows something I don't. He somehow walked into my life and things are so off track.

I place my hands on his cheeks. Forehead to forehead. Calming him down. Heavy breaths, his chest falling and rising. I'm terrified of the monster appearing before my eyes but at the same time I feel neutral.

I look deep into his eyes giving me sadness. His beautiful green orbs softening.

"Everything will be alright." I whisper.

I grab his hand and lead him upstairs behind me. We lay in bed together clearing our mind. Not a word spoken from our parted lips. Soft breaths released.

Isaac's arms wrap around me tight like he is afraid to lose me. I need to find out more. Maybe Leslie knows something. Leslie! That's it! I don't know why I never asked her in the first place. I'll talk to her tomorrow in school and figure out some of the blanks.

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