Chapter 17

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(Lily-Rose's POV)

I turn around, and see hundreds upon hundreds of angels, all surrounding us. I think of many possibilities of how to escape. Each as unlikely as the next. Then I remembered something. I turn around and face the TARDIS again. I then say to Serena "keep looking at them.

I then walk around the TARDIS looking at every single part, until I find it. It's a slightly uneven edge. I know what does and how to use it so I say "Serena come over here fast, and when you get here grab onto my arm." I heard Serena shuffle over to me. I then felt her hand grab my arm tightly. "are you ready?" I ask Serena "yeh" she says back quickly. I press the little button underneath the edge and I feel my self lift off of the ground the touch back down in the TARDIS.

"Okay how did you do that!?" Asks Serena. I thought for a minute then decided not to tell her.

"Surprise. Right now we just need to find My parents and the Doctor." I say

"And how are we going to do that?" asks Serena.

"I don't know" I reply back.

I think and look at everything on the control counsel. I just see a lot of switches. I sit down and look at the engine and say "what do I need to do!" it then started light up a switch. I smiled and walked over to the green button. I was about to press the button when Serena asked "what are you doing" I just pressed the green button and I heard a buzz then three people running stoping then walking. Up the stairs came my parents and Doctor. I ran over to them and gave them a big hug happy to be with them again.

"Well done you" whispers Dad in my ear Amy hugged us

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