Chapter 4

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Nova's Pov 

I still can't believe Sara and Jc are dating! They've gotten really close considering Sam and I are dating. It's like a dream come true! Sara, O2L, and I all went into this weird store on the way back from a meet and greet in Florida. Sara and I played a game where we had to guess the smile. I saw a smile that was very familiar.

"That's Connor's smile!" I yell confidently

"Wrong!" the man said unraveling a mad I never seen before. Sara had gotten an easy one!  She had her boyfriend!

"Jc!" she said as she jumped in his arms

"Correct!" the man said unraveling Jc's smile. Jc had ran off and hid with the rest of O2L. I found Jc and started chasing him around the store, down every isle he went down. He finally fell and I tripped and landed on him. It was a little awkward considering not a couple weeks ago we would melt if someone said his or Sam's name. Speaking of Sam, where is that little cuddle bear at? We started laughing while we were getting up.

"What's going on?" Sara asked confused

"Oh, I finally found Jc and chased him until he fell then I tripped and.fell on him! I kinda hurt my leg tho,but I'll live!"

"Lol,OK" Sara said happily

I asked Jc and Sara if they saw Sam and knew where he was hiding

"Nope, no idea" they said. I went off looking for him, when I found him under a lot of blankets and pillows. Classical Sam!

"Pottorff, get your cute self up here right now!" I said

"Bowen, your not my mom!" he said pulling me into a hug and almost with a kiss

"I hear them!" Connor said

"Shut Up!" Kian said trying to quiet them down

Sam covered my mouth and we hid back where Sam was, hid a little better because there was two of us now.  They never found us, after about 15 minutes they gave up. The were all at the table taking. Sam had come up with the perfect prank. Sam and I got a buggy full with all the silly string bottles we could find.  Then we were on a isle by them.

"There you are!" Ricky said

Then Sam and I looked at each other and grabbed some cans and started spraying. Eventually they caught on.

"You're gonna get it Sam!" Trevor yelled with silly string in his hair

"Whatever Trev!" Sam yelled back

I saw Jc and Sara kissing in a corner. I didn't want to interupt, but I couldn't resist the urge!

"Nova!" Jc yelled

Jc after Sara tackled me on the blankets and pillows Sam and I were hiding in. I told them to come have some actual fun with everyone. By the time we had gotten back to where the silly string party was, there was only one can left and Sam grabbed it and looked at me.

"You know I love you!" Sam said acting as if I didn't see him grab the bottle

"I know that Sam!" I said smiling and playing along

I had forgotten I had a red can in my back pocket. Sam's was his favorite color, our favorite color, blue. I sprayed him in the mouth after he had done the same to me.

"Wanna make purple?" he asked lovingly

I said nothing and just went into a full kissing session

"Get a room!" they yelled

"Would that satisfy you?" Sam asked them

"Uh, Yea!" they said

"Fine, we'll get a room!" he said seriously and jokingly at the same time

Wait, what? We are getting a room together?¿?¿? OMG!!!

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