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I knew i had to abort the baby, I was gonna do it now. I walked into the clinic with Stacey.
We both sat and waited for my name to be called

A woman with dark short hair with big grandma glasses walked out of one of the rooms and read my name out, "Mia Delarose, I'm ready for you."
I walked in alone, I didn't wanna abort the baby but i had no choice, "Are you sure you want to do this Miss Delarose," the woman questioned. I agreed to the procedure and in a matter of minutes it was done.

In a year I had fallen in love, got betrayed, lost my friends, fallen out of love, regained my friends, fallen back into love, had sex, lost the baby, and was all alone.

I've written the book to instruct girls to not rush relationships because you can end alone like Mia. Don't have sex before marriage! and know you your fucking :)!!

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