Chapter 1

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off. I hit snooze and woke up immediately.

I'm usually not a morning person but today was special day. It was my first day of school at my new school here in North Carolina. I don't know why a lot of people are nervous on the first day but I'm actually really excited.

After I got up from my bed, I walked to my bathroom that was connected to my room and took a shower. After taking a shower I put on a some skinny jeans, my favorite sweatshirt that I got from Texas, and some sandals.

I put on light make up because I usually don't like wearing make up. I'm not the kind of girl that really cares what her face looks like.

After getting dressed, I grabbed my backpack and headed down the kitchen where I saw my mom making breakfast and my step dad Allen reading the newspaper at the table. My little sister Georgia wasn't there so I guess she was still sleeping.

"Good Morning Sweetie!" my mom spoke. "Good Morning Mother" I replied back. "Excited for the first day of school?" Allen asked. "Yeah pretty excited. I hope I get to meet a lot of new people." I said.

After the whole back to school conversation I ate my breakfast that consisted of pancakes, bacon, and egg. My favorite.

Upon eating breakfast, my mom drove me to school which was only 15 minutes away from our house.

I quickly kissed her goodbye and I went to the office to get my schedule. When I was walking out of the office I bumped into someone familiar.

Then I remembered it was the cute boy I saw across the street when we moved in.

"Sorry" I said while blushing.

"It's cool" he replied.

I hurriedly walked to my locker to put my stuff in and to avoid embarrassing myself even more.

"Wait up!" the boy hollered.


Sorry it was short. I promise I'll make it longer. And I'll be writing the whole story on my iPad so sorry if there's a lot of spelling errors but hopefully spell check will take care of that. Anyways, enjoy the story! :)


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