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"The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Kakarot, you know good and well that you can't go in there, you've already exceeded your limit in there for two days", said Vegeta. Goku replies,"Um, no, it was you Vegeta". While Goku was talking about going into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goten and Trunks, told him that Piccolo had destroyed the door during their fight against Majin Buu, so there is no way that anybody can go inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Making Kyasu lose hope of ever becoming a Super Saiyan. "So now what?", Kyasu asked. "Well, the Earth has been in peace for a long time now, so I guess we can train later."

"Okay", Kyasu said.

Meanwhile while Goku is training Kyasu, little did they know that a new threat would arrive. So Goku is training Kyasu on Kami's Lookout while the Z-Warriors watch. "Wow, this kid is making great progress, they've been training for days now, and he looks like he can rival Goku's Super Saiyan form, while being in his normal form", said Krillin. "I guess, said Yamcha.

And then suddenly the training and talking stopped, the Z-Warriors felt a large amount of ki, that they have never felt before in their entire lives. "Hey, do you guys feel that, said Krillin. "Yeah, it's unbelievable, said Tien, what could it be." Goku replies, " I don't know but this ki, it's so dark and sinister and strong." So the Z-Fighters took off while everyone else stayed on the Lookout. While flying, Kyasu, started asking questions about this villian and do they think that they stand a chance against it. Goku doesn't answer, leaving everyone else stunned. "So this guy is that strong, said Krillin, then he gulps,"aw man I'm pretty sure that I'm going to die again today". So they fly over to where they sense the power level and they see a large crater, and they check it out, and find the crater abandoned. "What, he was just here a second ago, where could he have run off too, said Vegeta. "Man this guy is fast", said Goku.

And they started looking for this new threat.

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